Product Review Spot : Botox Serum, Underarm Whitening, Foot Confidence Socks

We’ve recently launched a product review project with our friends from Nature Essentials and we would like to share what the mom says after a few weeks of testing. After all, a botox serum, an underarm whitener, and foot spa socks aren’t the usual beauty products being reviewed and posted online. Most beauty products are being sold with glossy advertisements and celebrity endorsements. This time, actual experiences and feedback came from the moms who tested the products.

To give you a background, Nature Essentials is a direct selling company which offers skin care products claimed to be made with natural ingredients. They have a wide range of products which tackle different skin care problems typical to teens and to adult women.

Botox Elixir Serum – What is botox (Botulinum toxin) treatment ? “Botulinum toxin’s main claim to fame is that it will appear to iron out wrinkles and lines in aging faces. More than just a vanity product, it can be useful for treating a variety of medical conditions ranging from eye squints to migraines, excess sweating to leaky bladders.” –MedicalNewsToday.

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“Overall, I like the whole set and has tightened my pores on my nose making my whiteheads not visible anymore. Few lines on my forehead were also not visible. My skin is smooth and feels fresh all day long.”