Stock Investment Program (SIP) Benefits Against Your Money In The Bank

If you are the one budgeting your money in the family and you were able to have some savings in your pocket, the first thing you think of doing to that savings is to put them in your bank. Actually, there is an alternative of making your money bigger other than letting it sleep in the bank.

Instead of just depositing money in a bank, which has low returns, Philippine stocks are a stable long-term investment, given that the economy has been performing well and that inflation is projected to be low in 2015, says Lexter Azurin, Head of Research at UTrade, the online securities brokerage of Unicapital Securities, Inc. (USI). He continues, “To accommodate Filipinos’ needs for a convenient investment service, we created a unique program that they can invest in over the long term, called SIP.”

SIP or UTrade’s Stock Investment Program uses a peso-cost averaging strategy, in which a fixed amount is invested over the long term at regular intervals on a particular stock. Since this does not rely on the current purchase price of a given stock, the cumulative average of the investment will result in a profit in the long run.

The four-step UTrade SIP process is simple. First, choose from UTrade’s recommended basket of stocks. Second, determine how much to invest, starting with as low as P5,000. Third, decide on the frequency of investments, which can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. Fourth, identify your long-term goal and determine how long the investment will last.

To make it even more convenient, UTrade will send an email before the next trade to remind clients of their upcoming transaction. For more information on how to invest, visit and like