Solane Mobile App Lets You Track LPG Consumption And Find Nearest LPG Store

Running out of LPG gas while you’re cooking can be such a huge hassle! Thankfully, a new app makes it easy to prevent this dreaded scenario.

Solane, the country’s leading cooking gas, has developed a mobile app called Solane LPG Mobile App that lets customers do three things: 1) track their LPG consumption, 2) easily find a replacement LPG from the nearest distributor, and 3) check its authenticity. These are made possible by the app’s three key features: the Kitchen eMinder, Solane Finder, and the Solane Tank Checker.

Using the Kitchen eMinder, Solane customers can input their list of important grocery products along with their expiry dates, and set reminders for when they need to be replenished. This list can also include their consumption of Solane LPG, so that they can order a tank before the supply runs out.

Meanwhile, Solane Finder lets customers find the nearest Solane Distributors, just by keying in where they are located. Finally, the app also helps them obtain legitimate LPG tanks in fine condition, not the fake ones that are proliferating in the market today. The app’s Tank Checker feature can verify the authenticity of the tank based on the unique 9-digit serial number tagged on its safety seal.

Aside from these features, Solane customers also benefit from the brand’s promise of safety and quality. Each Solane LPG delivery comes with a 7-point safety check and a weight check using calibrated portable weighing scales.

The Solane mobile app is now available on iTunes and Android Play Store.

For more information about Solane and its products, visit today. Customers may also place orders for a Solane LPG via the Hatid-Bahay hotline (02) 887-5555 or through Solane’s authorized distributors listed here.