Power Play Learning Center (PPLC) San Juan - Open Dialogue About Child Development and The Importance of Play

Summer is fast approaching… Come to a place where Learning is Fun!

Located in the heart of San Juan City, Power Play Learning Center (PPLC) offers a vibrant place for child development. PPLC provides avenues for learning in the form of PLAY to help the child reach its optimum growth. PLAY also allows better organization of sensory information and overcome learning challenges. Licensed teachers and therapists use professional insights and advanced assessment tools to manage a broad range of child development challenges. They also offer occupational therapy, sped tutorials, speech therapy, physical therapy, transition programs, and academic tutorials.

PPLC provide parent-clinic collaboration. On a regular basis, PPLC provides parents, lectures and seminars on topics closest to their hearts in raising happy and healthy children.

As such, all Parents and Kids are invited to “A Prelude to Summer Fun” happening on March 12, 2016, from 10am-12nn. PPLC has prepared an open dialogue with our loving, and dedicated teachers and therapists on age appropriate toys and games for your child. Moreover, Dr. Jack Alexander Herrin, Developmental and Behavioural Pediatrician, will enlighten our families on the Principles of Child Development and The Importance of Play. The kids will be entertained with themed summer activities by our teachers.