Paano Ba'To?! - Teen Survival Guide On Growing Up

If you haven't got a copy of Bianca Gonzalez' book, we’ve listed some of the best reasons why you shouldn't miss getting one. Head to National Book Store and get a copy for yourself and for your teens.

1. It was written by Bianca Gonzalez, a teen star herself, who as we can all see it is thriving and very successful on her teen years. With her book, she imparts valuable lessons as someone who had experienced a lot, including the hardships and then the success of being a celebrity and at the same time, a normal teenager.

2. Because it was recommended by Moms who have actually met Bianca and read the book. Here we share some of the moms who were present during Paano Ba’To?!’s book launch last November 29 at Glorietta and November 30 at National Book Store in Trinoma.

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5 Easiest Soup Recipes To Cook During A Storm

A bowl of hot soup can bring comfort and calming effect when we are anxious during a storm. Everyone needs something soothing not only to the spirit but to the tummy as well. Here’s a compilation of 5 recipes to help the moms prepare a warm treat before any meal or something which can be taken with any snack. This will certainly help everyone relax, recharge and warm-up even while waiting for a troublesome storm to pass by.

Egg Drop Soup – A quick soup which can be done using the most basic ingredients. (

Misua with Egg Soup – Misua gives more texture and weight to a warm bowl of soup. (

Chicken and Brown Rice Soup – An interesting recipe which can already serve as a heavy meal. (

Sopa de Maiz or Corn Soup – Easy, delicious and healthy soup recipe (

Arroz Caldo – An all-time Filipino favorite (

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Mommy-Owned Online Shops No One Should Miss Before Christmas

Traffic during Christmas season in the Philippines is the worst. And traffic is what we hate most. Fortunately, there’s one solution to avoid it if your purpose is to shop for your gift-giving needs. Find them online!

If you haven’t done shopping through the web, this is the perfect time for you to try it. Business owners and mompreneurs are all busy keeping up with orders they get online but unlike a normal store or even in malls, they can inform the public at once when they don’t have stocks of specific items. Though we all love going to malls, going online is sometimes best alternative for you to save energy, time and money.

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Perfect Nail Spa Package - 4 Benefits of Nail Spa

What are the real benefits of going to a nail spa? Compared to doing our manicure and pedicure at home, why is going to a nail salon a must try for women and moms? Here are 4 major reasons why you should treat yourself for a nail salon visit from time to time. Share this to men to give them a great idea on what to give you this Christmas.

Stress Time – Out

Who aren’t stressed out these days? Hectic schedule, parties here and there, exam weeks for some kids who are schooling, traffic, and planning/budgeting, all these are major causes of stress. What will be the best way to have some time out from all these negative vibes than escaping them, and then going to some place where you can lie a bit, relax your body and mind while someone is massaging you and putting colors on your nails?


Nail Health

With stress and hard work from daily tasks, nails usually take the toll without you noticing them. Nail spa with their nail treatments provide the essential emollients revive the skins and nails, making them softer and healthier. The best nail spas employ nail professionals to take care of the skin on our  hands and not only the colors of the nails.

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Gift Toys For Christmas - Reviews For Easy Gift Shopping

It’s the season of gift giving and for kids and kids at heart, toys are admittedly the best ways to their hearts. To help you on your toy hunting task, we have compiled several toy reviews from featured  bloggers. Learn about some of these interesting toys, why they are worthy to buy, and where you can get them.

Click on the titles of these toys for you to be directed on their reviews. Find out what they say when their kids “actually” used these toys.

Stuck on Stories – Books with Character Figures

“Use the suction cup characters and your imagination to bring these Stuck on Stories to life! Read the stories and complete the games. Then, create your very own adventures by decorating each scene with your characters!”

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