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What You Should Know About Colorectal Cancer

More and more people, some were even our loved ones, were being snatched away from us because of cancer. Here's a friendly informative article which won't hurt to read. It also gives us hope that we can battle and conquer cancer when detected early.

Do you experience diarrhea or constipation that lasts for days, abdominal pain and rectal bleeding? Get yourself screened for bowel cancer. Also known as colorectal cancer, it is a malignant tumor that develops in the lining of the large intestine and can spread to nearby organs or to glands called lymph nodes.
“Bowel cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in the Philippines but it is highly preventable and treatable when diagnosed early. Filipinos should have sufficient information of the disease to know how it can be prevented or managed,” says Dr. Nicky Montoya, president of MediCard Philippines.
Here are essential facts about bowel cancer:
It can be colon cancer or rectal cancer.
Bowel cancer can start in the colon (colon cancer) or in the rectum, which is the last 12 centimetres of the large intestine (rectal cancer). The difference in location requires different methods of treatments.
It usually starts as polyps.
Most bowel cancer cells start as polyps, which are abnormal growths in the inner lining of the colon and rectum. Polyps are not malignant except for one type called adenoma, which becomes cancerous over time and multiplies to form a tumor. 
Its risk increases with age.
Polyps normally appear as people get older and adenoma develops into cancerous cells in about 10 years. This explains why majority of those who are diagnosed with bowel cancer are 50 years old and above. The disease can also develop in younger people although it occurs much less frequently.
It can be triggered by poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.
“Bad food” and lack of exercise can build up toxins in the colon. Studies link bowel cancer to a diet that’s low in fiber and high in fat and calories. Cigarette smokers, heavy alcohol drinkers, obese people, and those who have sedentary lifestyles are also prone to developing the disease.
Its crucial symptoms are changes in bowel habit.
Signs of bowel cancer include prolonged diarrhea or constipation, abdominal pain, vomiting, rectal bleeding, bloating, and a relentless feeling of moving your bowels even when you’ve just finished doing so. You may also see blood in your stool. Physically, you may experience weakness, fatigue and rapid weight loss.
It is 90 percent curable when diagnosed early.
Bowel cancer may not cause any symptoms during its early stage, which underlines the importance of regular colorectal cancer screenings and tests including colonoscopy, CT colonography, flexible sigmoidoscopy, double-contrast barium enema (DCBE), Guaiac-based fecal occult blood test, fecal immunochemical test (FIT), and stool DNA test.
Treatments include surgery (removal of polyps before they become cancerous), chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted drug therapy. While no alternative treatment has been proven to cure bowel cancer, certain techniques can help relieve distress from the disease, including yoga, music therapy and relaxation exercises.
The MediCard Lifestyle Center offers endoscopy and other quality medical services. Visit its website at for more information.

Enjoy Lemonade in A Bottle With Sunkist Lemonade Carbonated Juice Drink

Sunkist Carbonated Juice (CJ) Drink continues to bring in Sunkist Saya  this year by launching its Lemonade variant in a convenient 330mL afford-saya bottle! For as low as P15, you can enjoy its refreshing taste anytime, anywhere. Sunkist CJ Lemonade, together with Sunkist CJ Apple and Orange, are now available in leading convenience stores and supermarkets.


About Sunkist CJ (Carbonated Juice) Drink

SUNKIST CJ is a carbonated juice drink that offers full-flavored, real fruit taste that everybody can enjoy anytime, anywhere. It has real juice and immunity booster vitamin D, and it comes in three flavors - Orange, Lemonade, and Apple. The product also bears the Sunkist name - a brand which started more than a hundred years ago in the US, and has built a strong heritage when it comes to producing high quality oranges and juice.

Money ABCs for Mommies

ABCs For Mommies 


It has been said that mothers are the first teachers. Long before a child enters the four corners of a classroom, he has gained some skills of listening to another person, singing rhymes and making up words and pointing to body parts, as well as the ABCs and 123. These skills that a child learns early on at home pave the way to learning how to read and write, what is called literacy skills. Literacy, the ability to read and write is a crucial skill that every person has to possess. All mothers would want to see their children equipped with all the right knowledge, skills and tools to survive the bigger world outside the home. But, is nurturing and teaching functional literacy enough? What else should children be equipped as they go out into the real world?

Surprisingly, one would answer a myriad of things, but not financial literacy. Financial what? Financial literacy is a word we don’t hear enough. But being mothers, it is a word that is very much a part of the daily grind of life. Only that it isn’t named but financial literacy is a skill much like the ability to read and write. Both skills are crucial in this world. Simply put, financial literacy is the knowledge and skill of using money in our daily lives. Just like the skill of reading and writing which starts at home, knowledge and skills about money should also start from the home, and almost always from the mother’s lap.

Why are moms the best teachers of financial literacy? As co-managers of the house, moms know how important money is in meeting a family’s basic needs of food, shelter and clothing. Moms know that money is needed to provide a good quality of life for the family which includes health, education and leisure. Another important role for moms is managing money so that future goals are met like owning a house, car or setting up a business. So, moms are the best teachers because they have a big role in maintaining the financial wellness of a family.

Teaching good money skills to children at any age can be easy with these simple ABCs. A mom does not need a degree to do this because after all, motherhood is not just something learned in formal schooling, it also comes with experience. And also, teaching money skills is a part of the nurturing that moms provide their children.

A for assessment. Moms need to know how much money is available to the family in order to live. Is there enough to provide food, pay basic utilities and live in a comfortable house? How much can be spent for children’s education and related expenses? How about leisure activities? They say knowledge is power. Knowing what is there can help you moms make the best decisions. So, before spending money, know how much is there to spend first. How does this translate when teaching your kids? For example, if you bring them with you to the market or grocery, they will always ask to buy something. Teaching financial literacy can mean telling them beforehand that you will give them ten pesos to buy something at the store. If they decide to not to buy, you get to keep the money for them and add maybe one peso to that seed money that your child can bring again the next time you go grocery shopping. Tailor the amount of money and conditions to your child’s age. But, essentially, you will be teaching your child to spend money that is available to him/her and at an early age, make decisions on what to buy and not to buy.

On the other hand, if you do bring your child with you when shopping, you can always tell him that he cannot ask to buy anything at that time because you only have enough money to buy what is needed, what is important. This is teaching them too, that money should be spent based on priorities. And again, teaching them to spend only what they have. If there is nothing to use, then don’t!

B for budget. At this point in your life, budget can both be one of the things that you hate to do or love to do! But, like it or not, a budget makes your life easier! It is because when you have a budget, you know what are you currently using your money for and you can plan for your future spending! This also entails setting up priorities. After meeting basic needs of the family, what is your next priority for spending? Your child’s tuition fees, if they go to a private school? Or maybe your savings for his/her college education? How about healthcare? Do you have a nest egg for unplanned trips to the doctor or the occasional sickness? And, as moms, you do have to maintain a leisure activity as a family. Can you afford to go to the malls every Sunday? Why not go to public parks instead so you have less expenses while still having good, quality family time? Moms are very creative persons and it is then your job to think of ways to stay within the budget but still have a happy and satisfied family life. These things that you do, are seen by your children. How you manage your finances at home, balance the activities are observed by your children, which eventually becomes the basis of how they see things and do things when they get to be adults. Being the best role models is the best way to teach them. One of the easiest and most concrete ways of teaching your children to budget is through their “baon”. As soon as the child is of school age, the “baon” or their money allowance is their training ground. So, teach them young with their “baon” how to set priorities and also think of creative ways to stretch their budget.

C for consistent. Good money habits are formed because they are practiced often and always in the same manner. What are areas for consistency? First, with priorities for spending. There is a mega-sale at the mall. Would you go shopping when the money you have is for meant for electricity and water? Which should go first? Second, be consistent with the rules you have with your children. This would include how much baon you give them, when they can ask money for other things that they want but not necessarily need or enforcing a piggy bank rule, that they maintain a piggy bank to encourage saving money for future needs. Lastly, be consistent with actions. As mothers, the occasional sermon or dinner conversation, enumerating the importance of handling money wisely is a part of your routine. We’ve all heard that because probably when we were younger, our parents did the same thing for us. And told us the age-old proverb, money doesn’t grow on trees, so it should be spent wisely. But, words can just be words if your children do not see your actions that go with it. If you have good and sound money habits, your children will see it and that is the most efficient way to inculcate the right skills, values and attitudes.

These ABCs may sound easy but as most mothers know, nothing is ever easy! Child-bearing and parenting is a big job, a great responsibility to oneself as well as to the whole of humanity. So, fret no more, Moms out there! International Marketing Group (IMG) is an institution that can help you navigate the ABCs of financial wellness in the home. They give free seminars that help moms with their management of finances for the home.

For more information on IMG, you may follow this link below or contact and 09184192066.

Always Be Safe In The Kitchen - Solane

Solane has been advocating safety in the kitchen and moms like us are always thankful that there are brands like Solane who consider one of the most essential part of our home, where we prepare our food, our kitchen.

Solane marketing manager Carisse Vendiola (left) and Greisha Padilla at the fiestas

This year, Solane made more efforts to point out how important kitchen safety is by bringing the brand to the streets, nonetheless, to the happiest gatherings in the country, the fiestas.

From the kitchen to the streets, expect the country’s top LPG solutions provider Solane to campaign on the importance of safety during this year’s most colorful festivals.

The Solane float at the festivals

“In a country where there’s always a fiesta somewhere, Solane made it a point to be present at these festivals that present a great opportunity to spread our advocacy of safety in the kitchen. Because truth be told, what happens in the kitchen doesn’t only affect one’s residence but also the neighborhood,” said Isla LPG Corp. chief executive officer Ruben Domingo.

Solane has started spreading awareness by joining parades of recent festivals honoring Sto. NiƱo—Cebu’s Sinulog Kalibo’s Ati-Atihan and Iloilo City’s Dinagyang Festival. Solane joined the merrymaking through its eye-catching floats, while showcasing its effective service, and safe, high-quality LPG to its customers.

These included the first-of-its-kind safety cap, which completely plugs the gas to prevent leaks before installing the tank with a hose, the seal that carries a serial number to protect Solane customers from illegal LPG refillers and the Solane Authenticity Checker on Facebook, which verifies if the tank came from a licensed Solane dealer.

There’s also the Hatid-Bahay service, where every Solane LPG delivery guarantees a 7-point safety sheck of the LPG system by the company’s well-trained riders. Residents outside Metro Manila can now order Solane LPG conveniently for their fiesta needs by going online at or sending SMS to its nationwide textline 0918-8875555. 

During the festivals, Solane also took the opportunity to offer sales promotion activities in Cebu and Aklan and gave out branded merchandise. The success of Solane’s safety campaign in the Visayas is credited to the enriching relationship of Solane provincial executives with its local distributors. These were made possible by Isla LPG Corp. VisMin sales manager Rene Gamba, VisMin packed team; ILC Cebu POE Geraldine Indangan, Cebu VisMin Supply Chain team; and partner distributors Cebu Gazland Enterprises, Jet Sales Corporation, Quickway Gas Center, Marianing & Sons, Fabson Inc.

True to its commitment to innovate and care for its customers, Solane is persistent in advocating safety, may it be an ordinary day at home, a red-letter day or during fiestas.

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