Introducing The New And Improved Burger McDo

Young people nowadays want their most precious things, including their tried and tested products, to evolve with them—to grow as their taste and preferences mature over time. When they look for change, they don’t want something new, but improved; not different, just better.

Keeping up with the changing times, McDonald’s introduces the latest change in one of its all-time favorite products. Your beloved Burger McDo is now made with beefier and juicier patty, tastier and sweeter sauce, sandwiched in a soft bun. Like you, it has also changed and evolved over time.          

The new Burger McDo is the perfect treat for simple or big life changes that you will go through—may it be a new school year, friend, love life, or trip destination. Embrace these changes warmly with every bite of the new Burger McDo. You can enjoy it with a regular drink for only Php55.

Grab a bite of the new and improved Burger McDo in all McDonald’s stores nationwide. Share your photos enjoying it with your friends via or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram with #WelcomeChange.

Sharp's New Washing Machines Are Energy And Water Efficient

Sharp's new washing machines make laundry time manageable and save on water and electricity.

We want complete care of our clothes, but we also want washing machines that work with us instead of against us. Sharp's new fully automatic washing machines — Sharp ES-U75GP-BL, Sharp ES-U85GP-BL, and Sharp ES-U105HP-SL — offer features that can cut down on washing time, save on water and electricity, are easier to use, minimize fabric damage, and provide the hygienic cleanliness your clothes deserve.

Load and unload with ease

The new lineup of Sharp fully automatic washing machines comes with a Mega Mouth, which gives a wider opening for huge items like bed sheets, comforters, blankets or curtains. To make room for such a large opening, Sharp designers placed the intuitive and space-saving circular control panel on the right corner of the machine, near the user. Traditional control panels are usually a long rectangular menu of buttons and dials found near the user or at the machine’s far end.

Efficient washing performance

Applying fabric conditioner on the new Sharp fully automatic washing machines takes away the guesswork and the manual side of using a washing machine. Fabric conditioner can now be applied through the new fabric conditioner dispenser – just set the course and click the “Fragrance” bottom. It also allows your clothes to sit for several minutes for maximum absorption.

The Sharp ES-U75GP-BL and Sharp ES-U85GP-BL are equipped with the New Dolphin Pulsator which minimizes water resistance and reduces the burden on the motor, thereby increasing its lifespan. This also means less energy consumption.

The Sharp ES-U105HP-SL’s W Screw Pulsator + New Nature Technology features both an energy efficient output and Spring Water Flow (high speed water going up), a reverse of the traditional Cyclone Water flow (high speed water going down) common on many current washing machines. Spring Water Flow not only makes washing more efficient, it also makes the clothes less tangled. 

Plus, the ES-U105HP-SL is built with a Holeless Tub: water that normally goes outside the tub is kept in, requiring approximately 30% less water, detergent, and fabric softener. And, since the tub is holeless, stress on the fabric during spin dry cycle is greatly reduced, so that fabric gets less wear and tear every time it’s washed.

A clean tub

Over time, washing machines accumulate molds. The interior of the washing machine tub is easy to clean, but the tub’s exterior, which is covered by the washing machine’s external frame, can hide molds.

Each of the new Sharp fully automatic washing machines has an Anti-Bacterial Pulsator, which keeps the underside clean and sanitary, and a Tub Clean cycle that not only cleans the inside of the pulsator, but also washes out remaining detergent and stains, and cleans the reverse side as well.

Laundry time need not be a chore. The new Sharp fully automatic washing machines have features that address user problems - a bigger opening for large laundry items, a better water flow for more efficient wash cycles, less stress on the fabric (to minimize damage during spin dry cycle), reduced water and energy consumption, and reduced molds on the tub's exterior.

The Sharp ES-U75GP-BL, Sharp ES-U85GP-BL, and Sharp ES-U105HP-SL are now available in all leading appliance stores nationwide.

For more information, you may also visit or and Instagram at @Sharp.PH

Disney Channel Apps Now Available In The Philippines

Disney fans in the Philippines can now watch all their favorite Disney programs, whenever and wherever they want. Disney Southeast Asia together with Philippines’ number one mobile brand Globe Telecom, will launch a new mobile video streaming service via three new entertainment apps - Disney Channel App, Disney XD App, and Disney Junior App – on 27 May. 

The Disney Channels Apps are available for download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, and feature both live streaming of the Disney Channels and Video-On-Demand (VOD) service offering more than 100 full episodes for eligible Globe subscribers. All Globe Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers who sign up for their Globe Interactive Account will enjoy an initial 30-day free trial. After the free trial period, users can continue to enjoy full access to premium content with Globe stand-alone offers “Disney129” or “Disney299” subscription plans, or when they sign up for or re-contract on GoSURF 999 and up subscription plans. Users without a valid Globe Interactive Account can still download the apps to access limited VOD content.

Designed specifically for kids to watch their favorite Disney entertainment anytime and anywhere, the Disney Channels Apps will provide hours of fun in a safe and kid-friendly digital environment that will immerse viewers in Disney’s magical world of storytelling and characters. The Disney Channel App will tap into the world of kids and families through imagination, laughter and optimism via favorite Disney movies and shows such as The Descendants, Phineas and Ferb, The 7D, Gravity Falls, and Art Attack. Designed for preschoolers, the Disney Junior App will bring to life engaging storytelling featuring characters that kids love deeply from series’ such as Sofia the First, The Lion Guard, Miles from Tomorrowland, Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Meanwhile, the Disney XD App will transport kids into worlds of hilarious, outrageous fun and inspiring adventures with series such as Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man vs the Sinister Six, Marvel’s Avengers Ultron Revolution, Star Wars Rebels, Pickle and Peanut, Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

“We’re excited to offer Disney fans of all ages more opportunities to watch, interact, personalize and enjoy Disney shows when and where they want it,” said Natasha Malhotra, General Manager, Branded Media and Content, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia. “The Disney Channels Apps feature a fun and engaging online Disney environment, designed around Disney characters and storytelling on a simple, child-friendly user interface. Parents will love the Disney Channels Apps as it provides a secure viewing environment to keep their kids engaged and entertained.”

Disney and Globe also announced today that Disney Mobile smartphones will be available in all Globe stores from 27 May, and will come with price plans that bundle 6 months’ access to the Disney Channels Apps. 

“Collaborating with Walt Disney Southeast Asia has expanded our opportunities here at Globe to provide more quality products and content for the whole family. Since we formalized the collaboration in 2015, we’ve been able to bring exciting movie experiences for our customers. This year, we further strengthen our association with the iconic Disney brand by not only exclusively carrying the first ever Disney Mobile smartphones but this time also giving our customers the Disney Channel Apps so that they can enjoy the best Disney programs on their mobile device,” says Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business, Dan Horan.

Globe Telecom is the first telco in Southeast Asia to exclusively offer Disney Mobile smartphones through its most affordable myStarter postpaid plans for as low as P750 per month. Created for the trendsetting Disney fan and themed around popular Disney franchises, these smartphones carry the signature aesthetic of the Disney brand from its lively colors to matching themed accessories. The first Disney Mobile range for the Philippines comes in 3 design themes – Mickey Mouse, Frozen and Disney Princess. Customers can go to any Globe store or online to get the plans. 

Completing the Disney experience for Globe customers are the Disney-branded retail corners in all Globe Gen 3 stores nationwide. Disney fans can also purchase select Disney-themed mobile accessories.

Bioessence Launches Skin Care Professional Product Lines

It is 21 years and counting for Bioessence, a well known brand in the Philippine beauty and wellness industry. Famous for its facials, slimming and spa services, it is the company’s  advocacy to share wellness to everyone with more than 37 branches nationwide.

As part of the brand’s continuing commitment to give value and care to the wellness their  clients, this April 22, 2016, will be the launch of their  newest Professional Product Lines – skin care products that is proudly sourced and made by world-class Filipinos, rightfully fit for the unique Filipino skin care needs.
The Professional Product Lines comes in four (4) sets specifically made to give solution to four basic skin care requirements:

1.    BIOLITE – specially formulated with VITAMIN C and other innovative ingredients that help in Color Control, Skin Clarity and Skin Moisturization as it removes skin impurities and excess oils.

2.    PREVENTAGE - Enriched with Black Oat Seed extract and Lecithin which helps improve skin hydration that brings softer and brighter skin with a youthful glow. The perfect arsenal to battle the signs of ageing.

3.    DERM-AGE -  Formulated using the technical breakthrough ReGeniStem. It uses Red Rice and a combination of botanical Polysaccharride and nano-ized Collagen that provide maximum moisturizing effect to the skin. Best suited for aged skin to help keep it supple and bar further skin damage.

4.    ACNETROL - Acne control at its finest! Your skin’s best defense against breakouts and excess oils with powerful yet proven safe ingredients like sulphur, salicylic acid and clindamycin.

As Dr. Emma B. Guerrero says, “ the Filipino skin is unique in such a way that products should be developed specifically for them considering the tropical climate that our skin is normally exposed to”. The multi awarded President of Bioessence also believes that the Filipinos are such world class talents that they can produce for their own use something  they can be very proud of and can compete in efficacy and quality with international brands.

With the tagline “Caring Beyond Beauty”, the brand truly resonates with a mission that goes deeper beyond making the skin beautiful, but putting love and care every step of the way not just in their renowed treatments but in their own products as well. As per Dr. Guerrero, “ we believe that beauty is such a big word. When we say beautiful, it should go beyond the physical. When we care it should go beyond the feeling.

Caring beyond beauty is our way to send our message of caring more; for your skin, your wellness, for your fellow Filipino’s livelihood, for the community and for the Earth.” Dr. Guerrero, a fierce advocate of environmental awareness understand that to be beautiful means doing what is beautiful for the environment as well, which is proven by how conscious they are of the materials they use and renewability of ingredients they put with every product. “Beauty and caring should go hand in hand, and is a responsibility to the self and everything around you”.

It is with all these in mind that they have developed these wonderfully made products that will help give every Filipino their best and healthiest skin yet. Truly master crafted by talented Filipino artisans with the latest breakthrough in skin care technology, these four new professional skin care lines, Biolite, Preventage, Dermage and Acnetrol are sure to set the new standards and bring real CARE into skin care.

RTL CBS Weekend Summer Fair In Eastwood City

Countless city-dwellers return to the metro from their long, sun-drenched vacations, but the fun is nowhere near over. RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network keeps those good times going—trading sea and trees for stage lights and red carpets with their 2016 Summer Fair this May 21–22 at the Eastwood Mall Open Park.

On its second year, the RTL CBS Summer Fair is a mini-festival that brings the excitement and thrill of hit shows like Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor to life through various attractions designed to give you an immersive multimedia experience.

Ever dreamed of doing a live studio audition for America's Got Talent? Now you can! Live out your dream at the RTL CBS Entertainment Talent Studio, a booth that puts the spotlight on you. It's as if you were belting out on the big stage yourself!

After getting a taste of fame, you can head over to the Awards Photo Booth where you're treated to an A-List red carpet pictorial just like your favorite stars. Exclusive screenings, temporary tattoos, cotton candy, and ice cream carts will also be made available if you're looking for a little more fun on the side.

The network has partnered with Globe, Eastwood City Mall, Baskin-Robbins, Krispy Kreme, Jamba Juice, San Miguel, Magnolia Chicken, C2, RiteMED, Swiss Miss, Novu Hair, and Ever Bilena for this year's Summer Fair. RTL CBS Entertainment is available on SkyCable channels 53(SD) and 196(HD), Destiny Cable channel 53, Dream Satellite channel 17, and Cablelink channels 37(SD), 313, and 800(HD).