Moms! Are You Choosing the Right Pad for your Child?

Getting her first period can make a young lady feel insecure, uncomfortable, and confused. Puberty can be scary with all the sudden changes so she turns to mom who has been through it all.

When it comes to awkward conversations like the first period, it’s mom who can make her feel most at ease – giving her advice, taking her shopping, and helping her choose the best products to beat period blues. It’s bad enough that the changes all come at once, what more with the worry of getting leaks and not feeling secure.

Students from Natividad High School perform the All Day No Check dance

L-R: Cabe Aquino (Whisper Philippines Brand Manager), Nadine Lustre (Whisper Brand Ambassador), Nica Rollan (Whisper Philippines Assistant Brand Manager), Adie Villegas (Whisper Philippines Communications Manager), Dr. Audrey Dy Chua (Dermatologist)

L-R: Nadine Lustre( Whisper Brand Ambassador) and Dr. Audrey Dy Chua (Dermatologist)

Sanitary pads are a red day essential. Choosing the right one may seem challenging so here are a few tips you and your daughter can go through for an all day no check experience any day of the month:

1.      Skin Care down there is Key!

Red days tend to be extra uncomfortable for the skin in the vaginal area. While it’s important to choose underwear that is both snug and breathable, sanitary pads should also provide women with comfort they can count on during their periods. Since the skin is at its most sensitive on that time of the month, a bad pad can cause redness, itch and rashes.

2.      Make leakage protection a must, not an option.

While changing pads is the hygienic and recommended practice, there are times when she won’t be able to change frequently. Her pad shouldn’t get in the way of long exams, field trips, and barkada hangouts.

Not all pads are created equally. A pad with long-lasting 12-hour leakage protection and anti-leak barriers from all sides will be able to give your daughter the peace of mind she needs. She shouldn’t have to keep checking her back constantly. Look for a pad that can guarantee All Day, No Check!

3.      Consider a long pad, while your daughter is still getting used to the monthly flow

More than anything, it’s tagos, or staining our clothes that worries us the most. There’s nothing worse that the concept of announcing the start of womanhood with unsightly leaks and stains. While a regular pad does the trick for most women, it’s best to play on the safe side at the start by using a long pad before transitioning to regulars. In this case, size does matter, so you might want to go for a longor an XLong pad for better coverage. While it may be more than necessary, it’s still better to be safe than sorry!

4.      Let her kick, run, and fly high. Choose a pad with wings!

Life should not stop during red days!Gym class and after-school activities are great ways to eliminate stress and menstrual cramps. Wings will help keep a pad in place especially during torture situations. 

Whisper works in partnership with the Department of Education in making sure school girls go through puberty with grace and confidence helping them understand the physical, emotional and psychological changes girls face growing up. A recently held puberty and feminine hygiene forum as well as a meet and greet with brand ambassador, Nadine Lustre, culminated their puberty education program. Twenty one students from Natividad High School, Pampanga, their moms, teachers, and representatives from the Department of Education gathered as the new Whisper Cottony Clean with Dermacare Lotion was introduced. Dermatologist, Dr. Audrey Dy Chua was also present to discuss the importance of keeping vaginal skin moisturized and protected from discomfort and irritation especially during red days.

“Women are most vulnerable to chafing and rashes during their red days.” says Dr. Chua.  “Aside from keeping the area clean with regular washing, it’s important to choose sanitary pads that are made with quality materials that are gentle on the skin and offer fast absorption.”, she adds.

With leakage protection and comfort at the top of the list, Whisper introduces its newest innovation yet! Whisper Cottony Clean now has Dermacare technology that’s gentle to skin and continues to promise up to 12 hours of leakage protection. It has chamomile and vitamin B5 forming a thin layer on the skin for extra care and protection reducing friction, irritation and itch.

Filipino Themed Christmas Lights Up At Ayala Avenue

Inspired by the beautiful native hand woven fabrics from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, Makati City welcomed the Yuletide season with a traditional street lighting ceremony – an annual tradition that transforms the premier business district into a Filipino Christmas haven.
Paying tribute to the cultural heritage of the Philippines, Christmas symbols with intricate Filipino patterns from various regions -- Inabel and Burdado from Luzon, Banig Tikog from Visayas, T’Boli, Ukil and Yakan weaves from Mindanao -- will illuminate the streets of the central business district, creating a festive and harmonious atmosphere. 

These patterns are applied to gigantic representations of Christmas symbols, transforming the streets of the city into truly Filipino Christmas landmarks. As the lights come alive, Makati’s wonderful streetlight decors will once again wrap everyone in the magical spirit of the season.

The whole stretch of Ayala Avenue, Paseo de Roxas, and Makati Avenue will be adorned with colorful lights that bring to life the spirit of Christmas. This is the largest display of Christmas lights in the city and a well-loved Makati tradition that has brought the community together. This year’s bright and energy efficient lights are courtesy of Firefly Lighting Corporation.

Makati’s Christmas street lights continue to brighten up Christmas celebrations every year for everyone—from the thousands who work in the city to those who call the city home, as well as those who visit its various business, lifestyle, entertainment and cultural destinations.
“Christmas is the highlight of the year for Filipinos, and we always want to make it special for everyone. By mounting an exquisite Christmas display, and through the Festival of Lights, we provide venues for people to enjoy the spirit of the season,” said Shiella Aguilar, Ayala Land Project Development Head for Makati.

Indeed, no other city celebrates Christmas the way Makati does.

For more information about the city that makes it happen, visit and follow MakeItMakati on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ayala Malls Cloverleaf Opens - A Start Of An Exciting Urban Hub In Cloverleaf Balintawak

A pocket urban center in Balintawak emerges with exciting new features that will invigorate the bustling Quezon City district. Cloverleaf, an 11-hectare mixed-use, sustainable community of Ayala Land has marked a milestone with the opening of Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, its first commercial development within the estate. 

“The malls will bring new business here at Cloverleaf and, as envisioned, will spur a significant number of enterprise andjob opportunities in this part of Quezon City,” said Jay Teodoro, Estate Head of Cloverleaf. “We hope to transform the area into a dynamic urban haven that provides the community an organized, secure, and highly accessible place for both work and leisure.”

Ayala Malls Cloverleaf is located along A. Bonifacio Avenue but is also accessible from EDSA through the newly opened Cloverleaf Drive entrance adjacent to the Balintawak LRT station. It will offer a wide array of shopping, dining and entertainment choices spread across 40,000 square meters of leasable commercial space. As the primary retail offering in Cloverleaf, it is expected to promote community events and give the public a glimpse of life in the emerging urban center.

The mall is part of Cloverleaf’s first phase which also includes residential developments designed around refreshing pocket parks.Ayala Land residential brands Alveo Land and Avida Land are currently constructing multiple-tower developments with 600 and 2,000 units, respectively. About 2,600 jobs would have been generated by ongoing construction activity and operating facilities in the urban center by 2020 whilean estimated 15,000 new jobs are projected to be created upon its full development.

“Soon, there will be residential towers to complete the community, and we are looking forward to the second phase of the development which includes an office and new retail formats with a pedestrian walkway that connects to the LRT Balintawak station,” shared Teodoro.

While Cloverleaf primarily serves communities in the northern side of Metro Manila, specifically Quezon City and Caloocan, forthcoming infrastructure and transport systems will make it more accessible to a larger population. The Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 road will have an access ramp to the project which will effectively take people only 20 minutes to get to the place from Makati. A series of interconnected pathways and landscaped walkways will be built from the LRT station to A. Bonifacio where pedestrians converge to redirect the flow and ease any road blocks along EDSA.

With its diverse mix of property offerings, modern infrastructure underway,and a Balintawak community brimming with potential, Cloverleaf is indeed a sustainable urban community in the making.