Tips To Check The Perfect Printer For Your Learn-From-Home Printing Needs

Nowadays, there is one great reason for parents to invest in personal computers and household printers—learn from home.
And while there may be a lot of brands and products in the market to choose from, HP gives moms and dads the best reasons why they should pick the HP Smart Tank printers.

Print, copy, scan featuresThe HP Smart Tank 515wireless and Smart Tank 500 offer versatility with their printer, copier and scanner functions. This makes them ideal tools, along with a computer, to help enhance the children’s online learning. With the all-in-one printers, they can easily print everyday worksheets, copy manuals, and scan finished home works on an A4-sized flatbed scanner for sharing online.
Prints up to 8,000 coloredor 6,000 black pagesWith their high-capacity integrated ink tank system, the HP Smart Tank 515 and Smart Tank 500 can continuously print 8,000 colored pages or 6,000 black pages, making them high-volume, low-cost printers that are perfect for budget-conscious parents and s…

Lysol Philippines To Disinfect Discovery Hotels To Promote Safe Spaces Amid Pandemic

Over the past few months, Lysol has been actively involved in strengthening the country’s COVID-19 testing capacity and expanding its coverage to needy sectors of society. As part of its relentless pursuit of a world where everyone is free from illness-causing germs, Lysol will now be extending its partnership to Discovery Hospitality Corporation (DHC), the management company behind award-winning homegrown brands Discovery Shores Boracay, Discovery Primea Makati, Club Paradise Palawan, and Discovery Suites Ortigas.

With the Lysol brand supporting the launch of Safe Space, a trailblazing initiative re-imagining meeting, event and celebration spaces, this endeavor will be making more people safe at a time of the global pandemic. From the launch of Home Safe program ensuring best practices in safety, service and care among Discovery’s hotel and resorts, to proper disinfection with Lysol products, Safe Space assures the highest standards of hospitality and commitment to guests’ safety.

Paymaya And Beep™ Team Up To Provide Safer, Contactless Commute For All

Digital financial services leader PayMaya Philippines partners with beep™ to provide commuters a safer way to load up their beep™ cards.   Commuters can enjoy a safe and contactless commute by simply purchasing their beep™ load packages on the PayMaya app. With this load up method, there is no longer a need for face-to-face interactions with the teller, as well as exchange of cash, which can contribute to the further spread of the virus.  

PayMaya users can choose among three beep™ load packages on their PayMaya app: P100, P250, and P500 with an additional P5 convenience fee. To buy a load package on PayMaya, simply follow these easy steps: Tap treats on the app homepage Select a beep™ card load package Input your beep™ card number, then tap continue Wait for a purchase confirmation in-app and via SMS Head over to a beep™ e-load station and tap your card to receive the load package.  Once the beep™ card is loaded, it can already be used on LRT 1, LRT 2, MRT 3, as well as i…

Look Your Best In Every Virtual Work Call With These Beauty Tweaks

As part of the new normal, many people are now working from home, sitting in front of computers for most of the day.
However, there are some who need to be in online meetings—client calls, pitch presentations, team conference updates, and virtual catch-ups with colleagues—as part of their work. So, what’s a girl got to do? Amp up her looks a little and be her most confident self, even on video calls.
One way to achieve this is to apply just the right amount of makeup. Here are a few tricks to tune up one’s looks for a work meeting (or even online after-work get-togethers with friends).
Start your day with a morning skincare routineA simple key to staying motivated all day is to feel good, especially during the morning. After washing your face, apply moisturizer and sunscreen (yes, even computer and phone screens emit UV rays!), and give your skin the extra care it needs.