How To Get Free Treats From Mrs.Fields, Potato Corner, Figaro and Other Favorite Food Spots

Who doesn’t love Mrs. Fields?! Their cookies are heavenly, brownies are chewy and the muffins are sweet and flavorful. When you are tight on budget, just a glimpse of their pretty packed goodies and cute canisters will be enough to make your day.

A previous feature from Mommy Bloggers Philippines explains how. You just register an account online at ZAP and voila! you can use that account to get 5% cash back whenever you buy on their partner merchants. Registration is FREE. Their Christmas promo actually let’s you refer friends and when they register an account through their mobile number, they get 50 points and you get 50 points too! 1 point – 1peso !

10 Mommy Tested Tablet Apps To Keep Your Kids Busy On New Year’s Eve

Waiting for New Year can be a little bit daunting for little kids. After tinkering on the remnants of your Christmas decors and poking on dinner table, it won’t take a while before some of the kids will start to find new interesting things to do. As you are still busy putting on your lucky polka dots, watching New Year summaries on TV, or maybe partying with other adults at home,  these apps on your kids’ tablets will entertain them and better yet, teach them at the same time.

These apps were all mommy tested with links to their reviews so you will know how effective they can be and how your child’s waiting can be made to be worthwhile one by trying these apps.

 JoomaJamFun Music and Learning – JoomaJam provides mobile applications which integrates music and fun learning. Lessons feature English and Filipino songs written and performed by popular Filipino singers such as Barbie Almabis-Honasan, Julianne Taroja and members of The Dawn.

Kids Academy Apps – 5 years below – FREE, interactive worksheets, phonics, tracing (Click here for Mommy Mecheel’s review, and here for Mum-Writes review.

Sketches – Ipad App - $0.99 in Itunes – a sketching app which allows your child to lay down their thoughts using fingers and imagination. (Click here for ThePhenomenalMama‘s review)

Storybots Christmas App – FREE  – allows your kids to make short videos starring the members of the family (Click here for ArtOfBeingAMom‘s review and download link)

Lucky Signs, Symbols and Haircut in 2015

This coming 2015, we’d like to share a list of 10 things which are considered to be lucky, based on their astrological interpretations, and some, maybe from pure guesses. Some will say luck is a deviation from the thoughts of Divine blessings. But most of the times, when you realize it, luck comes to those who seek and work for these blessings.

Don’t rely your fate on luck or by chance, but always bring wealth to your home through good judgment, prayers and love which will forever bring good vibes wherever you may be.

So here’s our list of 10 things which are considered lucky next year.
Lucky Color – Green
“Year 2015 is the Year of the Sheep (Goat) in Chinese Astrology. The relevant element for the year is wood and the lucky color is green.” —

Lucky Element – Wood
“The most important room this year is your kitchen because that is the room of the element Wood, and 2015 is the year of the Wood Sheep.” “In a Wood year, it’s fortunate to add plants, flowers, and healthy bamboo to your home and workplace” —

Lucky Number – 8

“The Sheep is the eighth sign in Chinese astrology and number “8” is considered to be a very lucky number. It symbolizes wisdom, fortune and prosperity.” —


Disney On Ice 2014 – Dare To Dream

TweenselMom reviews her latest experience from Disney On Ice 2014 - Dare To Dream

Here's a part of her review:

The Princesses

Princess Tiana of The Princess and the Frog
The highlight of their segment is the group dance on the bar. Their costumes were avantIf you have watched The Princess and the Frog, this animated film is filled with music and dance as Tiana dreams on having her own restaurant but found her true love Prince Naveen at the same time. She kissed the Frog Prince and then turned out to be a frog herself.

Snow White
You will enjoy seeing the 7 Dwarves (who are bigger than Snow White in the ice ) :-) and their funny antics. Snow White’s costume is very pretty and her prince looks very dashing and handsome.


Who doesn’t love Cinderella! They showed the original story with the stepmother and ugly step sisters. What we loved the most is her arrival on the Prince Party, the Sparkling Chariot and the majestic horses!

January - June 2015 - Events Families Can Look Forward To

Year 2015 promises us with many exciting events our families can plan ahead to get into. As we’ve always promoted in each of our mommy blogs, we put our families in our top priority, next to God. Because whatever we do, whatever achievements and failures we experience, our bottom line will be our families.

January – Papal Visit January 15-19

As the largest Catholic nation in our continent, most of us are spiritually thrilled to meet Pope Francis. His visit is themed with “Mercy and Compassion”, virtues we all need to be able to reach out to each other. Papal Visit website will give you the Papal Visit Itinerary and 10 Things You Need To Know About The Pope.

February – The 6th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

If you haven’t experienced watching a pyromusical competition, imagine all the lights and colors you see during New Year, much better than that because this is a competition. A competition against countries specializing in pyro techniques. The whole family will have an amazing time watching this. Guess what, you can already get your tickets for this event here.

 March – Alaska Iron Kids Philippines Triathlon event

Open to children 6 to 14 years old, Alaska IronKids Philippines is the local junior version of the international triathlon series, Ironman. Triathlon is a race that features three sporting events: running, swimming and biking. The competition is open to kids who are new to the sport and those who have already joined other triathlon events.


Top Unique 2015 Planners For Moms

Can’t wait to jot down your plans on 2015? Same with us! Moms are the busiest party planners/organizers/hands-on people in the whole wide world and most of us can’t live without a planner as our side-kick.

In this feature, we have listed out 7 unique planners for moms this year 2015. Why unique? Because these planners do not only help us organize our schedules. Each of these planners has its distinctive qualities, contains exciting perks, and very pretty to brighten our days everyday! With so many challenging tasks we are looking forward to hurdle this coming year, we need our daily planner to inspire us and boost our spirits.

Where You Can Share And Donate Your Blessings This Christmas

After all these hyper craze of gift giving, you will still have an abundance of things you might want to share but don’t know where to give. So here’s a quick list of the organizations where you can happily and safely share your gifts and donations:

Share Your Cash, Goodies and SMS Load at Red Cross

Share Your Online Funds, Dollars or Euros



Share Your Used – Unused Items to Caritas Manila

What can you donate?
Giving usually means sharing what is precious to us. But with Segunda Mana, you can help by giving what you don’t need anymore, because what is no longer useful to you may still be valuable to others. Segunda Mana allows you to free up space in the workplace or home while helping those most in need at the same time.
Segunda Mana accepts the following items:
- OLD ITEMS that can still be used
- USED ITEMS that still have value
For inquiries and assign for pick-up items you want to donate, you may call us at (632) 564-0205 to 562-0020 to 25 or email us at and


What Is Your Ultimate Wish This Christmas?

Did you know that reading and knowing others’ wishes is not only fun but enlightening too? There are so many things that our hearts desire but sometimes we tend to forget the most meaningful ones, or sometimes, the simplest but the best things which will truly make us happy.

Here are some of the mommy bloggers’ loving, fun and witty Christmas wishes. Check them out and find out how most of us have something in common. Better yet, share us your wishes too!
My ultimate wish is good health as always for myself, everyone in my family and peers including my co-bloggers. As for the world, I wish that all these war happening around us will stop or if not, that the children in between them most specially will be protected. —

My ultimate wish this Christmas is for me to always be thankful and positive, for my family to always be healthy, and for everyone else to keep a child-like view of the world, where everything is a cause for wonder.

I wish for the feeling of contentment for everyone.
I also wish to be able to manage my time better so I can do as much as I need and want to do, and get to spend quality time with my family, self, friends and others.
I wish for a happy and strong bonded family for everyone.
May everyone always be grateful and learn to share blessings, no matter how small with those who needed most. –

Classic Games Your Family Can Play On Christmas Eve

Some families celebrate Christmas with a bang while others prefer to celebrate silently. If you have that kind of family who wants to play games before Noche Buena, then here’s a great list of interesting games you might want to do.

Pinoy Henyo – the classic Pinoy word guessing game from the noon-time show EatBulaga! In case you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a game where the two persons play as team mate. A word will be written on a paper and will be pasted on the forehead of one of the players who will be guessing the word. To guess the word, the player will throw questions to his/her team mate answerable only by Yes, No, Maybe (Oo, Hinde, Pwede!). The player should be able to guess the word within 1 minute.

Trip na Trip – this is the Pinoy version of Trip to Jerusalem which was revived again by Eat Bulaga. This is usually being played by couples male/female members of the family. Instead of having actual chairs to sit on, the males will be seated on by the female players. There will be three or more players blind folded and when the music starts, they will try to feel where the males are. Different seating positions will be requested while they seek their partners. Some positions are Upong Bagong Kasal where the boy carries the girl like a newly-wedded couple, Kandungin si Nene where the girl sits on the lap of the boy while Kandungin si Boy, it will be the boy sitting on the lap of the girl.

How Much Money Should You Give The Kids This Christmas?

Most adults (especially the ninongs and ninangs) (godmothers and godfathers), and not only moms, have this headache during Christmas. It’s just not that easy to decide how much money should one give to their children. It’s not only a question of the budget, but most of the time, it’s the guilt of having to cope for something we may have missed throughout out the year. “Isang beses lang naman ‘to isang taon.” (I just give only once a year.) But what really is the appropriate amount to give to kids this Christmas.
Here are some quick tips to help you decide.

1. If you decide to give money, give according to age. Babies up to age 6 definitely doesn’t know anything about money and usually, the money will be given to the parents. In an average income family, this can be the value you can consider :
Babies 0-6 – P300-500
Preteens 7-12 P500
Teens P500-1000

2. If you don’t have the budget to give the amount in #1, buy a gift which can be bought with lesser amount but make it more special.

For 0-6 year old kids, give a piggy bank with money inside it which gives them something to look forward from you in the coming years or they can fill it up themselves.

Preteens – Gift cards they can use on their favorite bookstores or toy shops will surely be appreciated because you are giving them a chance to choose what they want.
Teens – Gift cards they can use on department stores where they can choose their clothes or personal accessories. Savings account containing minimum deposits will be perfect too if you are the parent or if you are relative/ninong/ninang, you’ll have to do this with the parent.

Holiday Family Travel Tips You Should Know

The most seasoned travelers can attest–it’s really the little things that make the biggest difference when you’re exploring new territory. A few upgrades here and there and the necessary nuisance of going through airport security or going for a long-haul journey becomes a breeze; you might even get a couple of perks along the way.

From coach to business class
If you want to get upgraded from your cramped coach seats up to roomier business class, then you have to dress the part. Sure a t-shirt and flip-flops might be comfortable for your flight, but the airline will be less likely to put you with their top paying clientele if you don’t look the part.

 From deluxe rooms to suites
The only time tardiness might actually be worth something. Checking in later in the afternoon or even evening gives hotel front desks a better idea of their occupancy; which means asking for an upgrade at this point might be more feasible. Remember to be polite (you are boldly asking for an upgrade, after all) and do so when there are no other guests around.

Manuka Health Promo: Win an Afternoon Tea Set for Two in Makati Shangri-la

Mechanics: Get a chance to win an Afternoon Tea Set for two in Makati Shangri-la courtesy of Manuka Health. Five lucky winners to be drawn on January 15, 2015! All YOU have to do is:

1. Like in FB
2. Follow @manukahealthph in IG and Twitter
3. Hashtag #BeeHealthy and #ManukaHealthPh so we can easily find your entry
4. Share this post on your timeline and Instagram (make sure it’s public)
5. Tag 3 friends in the comments section after sharing

Goodluck and thank you in advance for joining!
Photo by: Makati Shangrila
Note: This is an independent promo of Manuka Health and not a Makati Shangrila promo.

SM Global Pinoy Honors OFWs - SM Pamaskong Handog Para Sa Global Pinoy

Coming home has never been this sweet as SM Global Pinoy honored an OFW who came home to spend Christmas together with her loved ones. This tribute video is SM Supermalls’ way of saying ‘thank you’ to OFWs for their hard work and support, not only for their families, but also to the SM Global Pinoy Program.

Now on its 3rd year, the SM Global Pinoy Program through Pamaskong Handog Para sa Global Pinoy held a grand homecoming last December 15, featuring celebrities like Piolo Pascual at SM City DasmariƱas, Angeline Quinto at SM City Clark, Xian Lim at SM City Bacolod, Sam Milby at SM City General Santos, and Daniel Matsunaga at SM Southmall. Our Global Pinoys and their families also enjoyed exclusive discounts from selected stores at the SM Supermalls’ Balikbayan Specials.

This December 29, our Global Pinoys may also get a 10% discount on all items for a minimum of P2, 000 single-receipt purchase at The SM Store Pasalubong Sale. Simply present your SM Global Pinoy or BDO Kabayan card.

5 Christmas Go-To Spots This Weekend

Wondering where to go for a fun-escape this weekend? There are maybe still a dozen things to do for Christmas eve, a hundred gifts to wrap, and a thousand errands to finish but, spending quality time with the family is still a must because, what else is this Christmas for? Christmas is the time to refresh our traditional family values and the love for each other.
Here’s a list of exciting spots in the metro where you can go for a quick trip, a quick munch and quick photo ops with your little ones, hubby and wife, and other family members. Quick as they may be, these trips will provide you that inner spark to make the coming Christmas a more festive and meaningful one.

1. Giant Dandelions at SM Aura

 2. Colorful Fountain Ayala Terraces

Pampering Tip For Moms : Have A Hair-Free Body Today At Clara International

With all the stress we are undergoing this Holiday season, the last thing we want to fuzz about is our facial and body hair. And we just can’t avoid them. Our facial and body hair (usually on the upper lip underarms and bikini line), grow thicker and longer (sometimes curly) and they just don’t look nice. And Christmas is a few days away!

Clara International, a premium skincare center within Quezon City, is giving a holiday for the moms who want to spend the rest of the week feeling beautiful and comfy with their hair-free face and body. Clara International provides safe, natural and effective hair removal service through diode laser.

Clara International uses Soprano Laser Technology, the top-of-the-line permanent hair removal system being used by top skin care centers all over the world. It’s non-invasive and totally pain-free. Mind you, we’ve tried it ourselves and we can’t say anything more.

TIP : We are sure that this promo will be a sure hit especially for regulars of Clara so make sure to go to their clinic as early as you can.

Product Review Spot : Botox Serum, Underarm Whitening, Foot Confidence Socks

We’ve recently launched a product review project with our friends from Nature Essentials and we would like to share what the mom says after a few weeks of testing. After all, a botox serum, an underarm whitener, and foot spa socks aren’t the usual beauty products being reviewed and posted online. Most beauty products are being sold with glossy advertisements and celebrity endorsements. This time, actual experiences and feedback came from the moms who tested the products.

To give you a background, Nature Essentials is a direct selling company which offers skin care products claimed to be made with natural ingredients. They have a wide range of products which tackle different skin care problems typical to teens and to adult women.

Botox Elixir Serum – What is botox (Botulinum toxin) treatment ? “Botulinum toxin’s main claim to fame is that it will appear to iron out wrinkles and lines in aging faces. More than just a vanity product, it can be useful for treating a variety of medical conditions ranging from eye squints to migraines, excess sweating to leaky bladders.” –MedicalNewsToday.

Review by

“Overall, I like the whole set and has tightened my pores on my nose making my whiteheads not visible anymore. Few lines on my forehead were also not visible. My skin is smooth and feels fresh all day long.”


7 Quick-Cook Pasta Recipes Moms Can Prepare This Christmas

Most of us prepare the traditional pasta-and-red-meat-sauce-on-top spaghetti during Christmas. Because that’s how our mothers use to do it and that’s how the kids usually want their spaghetti done. This December 25, why not try some pasta recipes which are not only tasty but easy and affordable at the same time?

To help you with that, we’ve compiled 7 quick-cook pasta recipes from our blogger moms you can try to serve this coming Christmas Dinner. Just click the links to get the recipes.

1. Tuna Carbonara Pasta

2. Jolly Fettucine Ala Carbonara

3. Easy Tuna Pasta 

Family Portrait Promo at Photomark Lightworks Inc.

‘Tis the season to take our precious family portraits. The time when most of the family members are here with us, everyone’s smiling because of the festivity, and everywhere around us, with the bright colors of red, green and white, look calm and joyful.

Photomark has been our partner during our first ever Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween party and their photos are crisp, colorful and well-taken. Their photographers were very helpful, accommodating to our suggestions, and very generous in the photographs taken.

Christmas promo package (Family only)
This Christmas Season; Get your Family Portrait for only Php 1,799.00 at Photomark Lightworks Inc. Studio.

Photomark Lightworks Inc. Studio in Facebook

Exclusive Price    P 1,799
SRP    P 3,700
Discount    51%
8R    1
5R    1
4R    1
2R    4
DVD copy of hi-res, unedited    Yes
Copy of hi-res, edited print outs    Yes
Validity    Until January 15, 2014
Holidays    Not Valid on Holidays
Prints    Pick up after 2-3 weeks
Strictly by appointment only.
Offer is limited to family portrait shoot only.
Maximum of eight persons for group pictures.
Redemption period is until January 15, 2015 only.

10 Stress-Busting Tips For Moms This Holiday Season

As much as we wanted to think of the fun and the festivities around us during the Holiday season, we can’t help to feel the pressure building up inside us, right? When you are a mom or someone who decides majority of your Christmas set-up on December 25, you will definitely know how stressful the holiday season can be. To help you find some peace, be able to recharge and take more tasks without burning out, here’s a list of 10 stress-busting tips you can check out.

1. Meditate or Pray
A 5 minute pause to pray or meditate will do wonders. It will not only recharge your body, but also your mind and soul.

2. Munch on stress-fighting snacks
Pistachios are some of the all-time favorite snacks of some moms because of its high antioxidant content.

3. Learn the art of exhaling
Figurative and literally. Proper breathing techniques including exhaling reduce anxiety and eventually relieves stress.

4. Go offline.
Make time to turn that gadget off. The light that those gadgets omit, may they be cellphones or computers, can add up to stress. Turn those lights off, close your eyes and stop thinking.

See the complete ANTI-STRESS tips here.

Taiwan Excellence Helps Moms Choose Products For Excellent Lifestyle

One outstanding skill which comes natural with mothers is being able to know the best things for her family. That is why, even though some of the moms may not be bringing the bread, still, its the moms who always have the last say. They are the decision makers when it comes to purchases at home.

But decision making doesn’t come that easy. With all the pressures in managing a home, so many tasks in the office, multiple assignments from the children’s schools, mothers face the tough challenge of managing her time and thinking clearly for her family.To help mothers ease up the strain of choosing the best products for her family, Taiwan Excellence gives the symbol of quality only to deserving Taiwanese lifestyle brands.Launched by TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council), a non-profit, semi-governmental trade promotion organization in Taiwan, Taiwan Excellence is a campaign where products from Taiwan are scrutinized and awarded a seal to show Filipino consumers that they are of high-quality and reflecting the innovative culture of Taiwan.

To date, the campaign carries 56 different brands for home and living, sports, transportation, and personal care. For the home, there are water ionizers, home appliances, cookware, bathroom and sanitary ware products from brand like HCG, Tatung, TECO and Cashido. For electronic needs, there are laptops, USBs, routers from Acer, ASUS, Transcend, MSI. To keep the family healthy, the campaign carries brands that offer foldable bikes, fitness gear and health care products such as Strida, Microlife, and Thermedic.

Check FULL Article HERE

Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party

It’s another milestone for this exciting mommy blogger’s community. After the memorable Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party held at Fun Ranch, Ortigas last October, the moms decided to go sparkling with white and blue with a Winter Wonderland-themed party inside the intimate Spaces by Babyland.

From a modestly spaced area on the second floor of Spaces, the room was transformed into an icy and elegant dining spot. 32 beautiful and buzzing ladies enjoyed the afternoon party which started with playful photo booth sessions by Yeah, Shoot!

Here are some photos from the party:

To see more photos and party happenings on this party, CLICK HERE.


Disney Junior Launches New Website To Teach Young Kids To Do Good

Disney Junior is one with the parents when it comes to our plight of teaching good values to our children. And so, a new website - ‘PIRATE AND PRINCESS: POWER OF DOING GOOD’ - was launched to educate and eventually empower our little kids aged 2-7 about the power of goodness, to nature, animals and other people around them beyond our homes.

“Through the power of our stories and characters we not only inspire kids to imagine a better world but also help them to realize through simple acts of caring for their surroundings and their community they have the potential to make a positive change in the world they live in. The Power of Doing Good campaign on Disney Junior empowers kids and families with information and opportunities to engage with their friends, families and communities to make a positive impact on the world around them. We are grateful to our partners WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), SPCA Singapore and Selangor, and Singapore Environment Council for their support,” said Natasha Malhotra, General Manager, Branded Media and Content, The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia.

“WWF is happy to support Disney Junior’s Power of Doing Good campaign. Children need to learn from a young age to be aware and care for the environment, the animals and society. This will go a long way in growing a generation who takes responsibility in shaping a healthy planet,” said Elaine Tan, CEO, WWF Singapore.

“The Singapore Environment Council is pleased to support Disney Junior’s ‘Pirate and Princess: Power of Doing Good’ campaign to inculcate in our young the values of caring for their environment and working together to make a positive impact on the world around them. This is aligned to our own ENVision values of Care, Ownership and Responsibility which calls for every individual to play their part in ensuring a sustainable future for Singapore,” said Damon Yong, Director (Operations) of Singapore Environment Council.

Watch First Ever People Magazine Awards December 19 RTL CBS Entertainment HD

Have you tried reading People Magazine ? It’s a popular international celebrity magazine which features not only Hollywood celebrities but also the most “compelling”, or moving and influential persons in the world. Because of its spot-on personal interviews and editorial highlights featuring real-life heroes, it’s not surprising that this magazine is loved by millions of its subscribers.

This coming December 19, 2014, 10:00am (9:00am JKT/BKK) RTL CBS Entertainment HD will air the inaugural The PEOPLE Magazine Awards LIVE VIA SATELLITE . The two-hour star-studded special will include appearances by the world’s top celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Hart, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton and Jennifer Lopez, among others. The ceremonies will include performances from 5 Seconds of Summer and Maroon 5.

PEOPLE Magazine is the world’s most popular magazine and celebrity brand reaching more than 59 million consumers each week. The PEOPLE Magazine Awards is a celebration and recognition of the year’s most influential and talked-about people in pop culture, celebrity and Hollywood that have fuelled the conversations around the world.


Krispy Kreme – 10 Reasons Why It’s Mom's Favorite Donut Stop

Here's a Mommy Blogger's post about Krispy Kreme and it's their favorite mall stop.

There can be hundreds of things why Krispy Kreme is our favorite doughnut stop wherever we are (usually in malls). And we’ve been in different outlets since my daughters were toddlers. I thought to list just the quick 10.

 Krispy Kreme Christday Holiday donuts!

1. The kids love the donuts. — The decision makers when it comes to sweet treats, the kids. All-time faves are the candy-sprinkled and the choco-bavarian.

2. We love the coffee. – For mommy and daddy, the perfect pairs will be a mug of coffee latte plus an original-glazed doughnut.

3. Their donuts look amazing. – Whichever you choose, you can’t just eat it right away. Krispy Kreme donuts always deserve a selfie
4. Their donut designs change with the seasons.  – Krispy Kreme always has the fanciest season-themed donuts. Nobody can beat that.

5.  They usually have wifi on their branches. – Yes, the most important thing of all especially on those bad weather when we don’t have internet connections.

Click here to continue reading.

Blog Giveaway : Hotmilk Everywoman Bra

Hotmilk is the leading brand of beautiful nursing bras and maternity lingerie, currently sold in over 50 countries around the globe. Hotmilk’s vision is to change maternity and nursing lingerie the world over by revealing the sexy woman inside the loving mother. Hotmilk continues to be the brand that is sought out and recommended by mothers, especially by those wanting lingerie that empowers and encourages them to feel fabulous, and to be decadent, at a time when they deserve it most!

Hotmilk’s focus is on making nursing bras, also known as breastfeeding bras, which feature a drop-down cup to allow you to conveniently feed your baby. Maternity bras and pregnancy bras typically do not have nursing clips to allow for breastfeeding and are worn throughout your pregnancy. Hotmilk lingerie can be worn at either stage, maternity or nursing, and we find our mothers continue to wear our lingerie long after they stop feeding as it’s so incredibly sexy and luxurious!

Visit the Hotmilk fitting room to find out all those critical questions like how many items of nursing lingerie you’ll need, when should you buy them and what are those key differences between regular lingerie and breastfeeding lingerie? Hotmilk’s glamorous lingerie certainly does not skimp on being feature rich to ensure women that they have comfort and support throughout pregnancy and beyond.

CLICK HERE to learn the full mechanics.

SM Supermalls World Choir Day 2014 Celebration

December 9, 2014 Manila Philippines- Last December 7, hearts were filled with joy of music as SM Supermalls celebrated World Choir Day 2014— an international event of remarkable music that was started in order to bring communities together with the values of unity, peace, and understanding.

For more than 20 years, choirs have celebrated World Choir Day crossing cultural boundaries with the aim of uniting people through heartwarming choral songs. This December, SM Supermalls joined millions of singers and choral groups across the world to celebrate this great event.

A musical feast with a series of concerts, World Choir Day 2014 at SM Supermalls featured the angelic voices of talented Filipino choirs with their beautiful renditions of Christmas holiday classics across SM Malls nationwide. The best choral groups in different cities showed their support in the festivity and shared their talent in singing and art of musicality.

Check full article here.

Christmas Gift Guide Perfect For Everyone

Don’t you just love receiving gifts that you can use right away? Whether it’s a dress you can wear for the next Christmas party, or a food basket for Noche Buena, it’s sure to put a smile on your face knowing exactly where to use the gift for. That’s the same feeling you want family and friends to have when they receive your gift.

Pasta is always present in almost every occasion including Christmas dinner. So, gift a friend with these pasta essentials including Dona Elena Al Dente Penne Rigate, Fusilli, and Lasagna, Dona Elena Pure Olive Oil, Dona Elena Anchovies and Dona Elena Diced Tomatoes. Add Jolly Whole Mushrooms and Jolly Cream of Mushroom Soup to complete your pasta basket.

Festive celebrations call for May Sparkling Juice, a delightful drink that’s perfect for Christmas parties. Made from selected, high quality grapes, this refreshing drink welcomes guests to occasions filled with light-hearted cheer. And because it’s non-alcoholic, it can be enjoyed by everyone in the family regardless of age and dietary restrictions. May Sparkling Grape Juice is available in Red and White Grape variants.

Check the full GIFT GUIDE here.

Bonakid Pre-School’s Ready Set Laban Season 2 Winner

When Yasmene Arim decided to take on the challenges in Bonakid Pre-School’s Ready Set Laban Season 2, her mother had very simple but no less relevant words of wisdom for her precocious seven year old daughter: “Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.”

The show is designed to bring out the strength, energy and resilience of children and bring out the Batang May Laban in them by way of traditional Filipino games such as tumbang preso and patintero. The host of Ready Set Laban Season 2 shares how he can describe the show in three words: Ready To Play. “The kids I encountered are so ready to play and face the challenges in the show. It did not feel like I was working. I just had fun and I played a lot with them,” Drew Arellano shares.

For its second season, Bonakid Pre-School Ready Set Laban came back with more exciting challenges and bigger prizes. As for what young Yasmene asked for as a prize? She asked for school bags and supplies for her friends and classmates at school which Bonakid Pre-School Ready Set Laban Season 2 happily provided.

Click here for the full FEATURE.

December 12 Online Shopping Extravaganza at Lazada

Ready, Get Set, Shop at Online Revolution culminating this 12.12! to stage the biggest
online shopping extravaganza this December 12, the Philippines’ Biggest Online Shopping Mall is staging the biggest and grandest online shopping extravaganza this December 12 – with jaw-dropping discounts, mind-blowing deals, and incredible brand partnerships all happening as early as 12:00 AM of December 12 in! Night owls can log on in the early hours for special night promotions only available between 12am and 8am; while shoppers can take advantage of killer deals and unbeatable hourly flash sales from 8am – 11.59 pm!

Find everything you’ll need this holiday season, from mobiles, tablets, gadgets and appliances to fashion, household goods, toys, and sports equipment and enjoy more than 80% discount on select best-selling items.

Click HERE for the full feature.

Paano Ba'To?! - Teen Survival Guide On Growing Up

If you haven't got a copy of Bianca Gonzalez' book, we’ve listed some of the best reasons why you shouldn't miss getting one. Head to National Book Store and get a copy for yourself and for your teens.

1. It was written by Bianca Gonzalez, a teen star herself, who as we can all see it is thriving and very successful on her teen years. With her book, she imparts valuable lessons as someone who had experienced a lot, including the hardships and then the success of being a celebrity and at the same time, a normal teenager.

2. Because it was recommended by Moms who have actually met Bianca and read the book. Here we share some of the moms who were present during Paano Ba’To?!’s book launch last November 29 at Glorietta and November 30 at National Book Store in Trinoma.

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5 Easiest Soup Recipes To Cook During A Storm

A bowl of hot soup can bring comfort and calming effect when we are anxious during a storm. Everyone needs something soothing not only to the spirit but to the tummy as well. Here’s a compilation of 5 recipes to help the moms prepare a warm treat before any meal or something which can be taken with any snack. This will certainly help everyone relax, recharge and warm-up even while waiting for a troublesome storm to pass by.

Egg Drop Soup – A quick soup which can be done using the most basic ingredients. (

Misua with Egg Soup – Misua gives more texture and weight to a warm bowl of soup. (

Chicken and Brown Rice Soup – An interesting recipe which can already serve as a heavy meal. (

Sopa de Maiz or Corn Soup – Easy, delicious and healthy soup recipe (

Arroz Caldo – An all-time Filipino favorite (

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Mommy-Owned Online Shops No One Should Miss Before Christmas

Traffic during Christmas season in the Philippines is the worst. And traffic is what we hate most. Fortunately, there’s one solution to avoid it if your purpose is to shop for your gift-giving needs. Find them online!

If you haven’t done shopping through the web, this is the perfect time for you to try it. Business owners and mompreneurs are all busy keeping up with orders they get online but unlike a normal store or even in malls, they can inform the public at once when they don’t have stocks of specific items. Though we all love going to malls, going online is sometimes best alternative for you to save energy, time and money.

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Perfect Nail Spa Package - 4 Benefits of Nail Spa

What are the real benefits of going to a nail spa? Compared to doing our manicure and pedicure at home, why is going to a nail salon a must try for women and moms? Here are 4 major reasons why you should treat yourself for a nail salon visit from time to time. Share this to men to give them a great idea on what to give you this Christmas.

Stress Time – Out

Who aren’t stressed out these days? Hectic schedule, parties here and there, exam weeks for some kids who are schooling, traffic, and planning/budgeting, all these are major causes of stress. What will be the best way to have some time out from all these negative vibes than escaping them, and then going to some place where you can lie a bit, relax your body and mind while someone is massaging you and putting colors on your nails?


Nail Health

With stress and hard work from daily tasks, nails usually take the toll without you noticing them. Nail spa with their nail treatments provide the essential emollients revive the skins and nails, making them softer and healthier. The best nail spas employ nail professionals to take care of the skin on our  hands and not only the colors of the nails.

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Gift Toys For Christmas - Reviews For Easy Gift Shopping

It’s the season of gift giving and for kids and kids at heart, toys are admittedly the best ways to their hearts. To help you on your toy hunting task, we have compiled several toy reviews from featured  bloggers. Learn about some of these interesting toys, why they are worthy to buy, and where you can get them.

Click on the titles of these toys for you to be directed on their reviews. Find out what they say when their kids “actually” used these toys.

Stuck on Stories – Books with Character Figures

“Use the suction cup characters and your imagination to bring these Stuck on Stories to life! Read the stories and complete the games. Then, create your very own adventures by decorating each scene with your characters!”

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