The Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands, or HAPI, is an organization that hopes “to see home education recognised as an available and respected form of education, shaping leaders and movers who will build our nation.” HAPI aims to do this by equipping organisations and homeschooling groups in growing the national movement and, thus, build the nation through homeschooling.
To make it simple, HAPI hopes to make newbie, “wannabe,” and more experienced homeschoolers well, happy, by providing encouragement and support in different ways.

One of these ways is via the annual Philippine Homeschool Conference, a gathering full of information and inspiration for people who want to learn more about homeschooling, are just starting out, or want to improve their homeschooling experience. The conference – specifically by way of its Expo – is also a venue where homeschoolers (and even non-homeschoolers!) can look at and purchase materials, plus get to know more about services and programs that may aid them in their homeschooling.

The Philippine Homeschool Conference: The most anticipated gathering of homeschoolers in the Philippines

HAPI is indeed happy that the Philippine Homeschool Conference (PHC) has become the yearly “cannot-be-missed” event of homeschoolers in the Philippines. Parents who have attended previous conferences will agree that it is something definitely worth going to.

For example, here’s what entrepreneur, AirBnB Superhost, blogger, wife, and homeschooling mom of three Leny Yusay has to say about last year’s Conference: “I was with my daughter. We came out with so many new things to apply to our journey.”

Another conference attendee, editor and homeschooling-mom-of-one Mich Dumlao Nicolas, shares, “I enjoyed the talks I attended (since I also had a booth, I was in and out of the session area). They were informative and I learned new things. I was also encouraged to see how many of us are homeschoolers.”

Financial consultant, breastfeeding peer counselor, and homeschooling mother of one Nica Azur, who was also at the PHC last year (shown here on the farthest left, with her mommy friends), says, “I learned a lot, like the ins and outs of homeschooling, challenges and how to deal with them, technical aspects of homeschooling, etc. I recommend this to my friends even if they are not really planning to homeschool; they can still apply some teaching techniques to their child.”

The PHC is also a great venue for first-time homeschoolers, like Jane De Real, a former corporate trainer who chose to stay at home to raise, train, and homeschool her two children. Jane was at the PHC 2016 with her husband and then-eight-month-old. She shares, “We learned a lot and it convinced my husband to homeschool. We began our journey with our three-year-old last year.”

Of course, the Philippine Homeschool Conference Expo is something that attendees always look forward to. Doctor, entrepreneur, and homeschooling mom of four Jade Mariñas came to last year’s Conference with her husband and little one, all the way from Dipolog City. She says that the Expo “was cool,” and she was glad that the Facebook support groups for homeschoolers had their own booths in the Expo area.

“It was definitely fun to meet fellow moms whom I only interact with on Facebook,” she adds. “I also wouldn’t pass up the chance to check out and shop for homeschool materials, books, books, and more! I will highly recommend attendance to this year’s conference.”

The PHC 2017: Homeschool to the Future

This year, HAPI, with Educating for Life as the Conference organizer, is setting up the PHC to be an event that will inspire and equip parents to “homeschool to the future.”

As we all know, the world we live in has changed drastically over the past few years. Everything is fast-paced and almost instant. With the advent of the Internet Age, information is literally available with a press of a button.

With these changes, the educational sphere has also changed a lot. Educators are beginning to realize that beyond rote memorization and spewing out of data, students today must learn what to do with the information that they have.

The more valuable skills to be learned are critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving – skills that homeschoolers can embrace and promote in their homes. Children are taught to learn how to learn – and love how to learn – as they make use of the technology and resources available to them.

This is the inspiration behind the theme of this year’s Philippine Homeschool Conference: “Homeschool to the Future: Educating for the World of Tomorrow.” As in previous years, the conference aims to encourage and equip homeschooling families in their journey through practical breakout sessions, the expo filled with educational materials, and by providing a venue where homeschoolers can meet and gather as a community.

The PHC 2017 will take place from 7 a.m. (start of registration) to 6 p.m. on October 7, 2017 at Treston International College in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Treston is an institution that openly supports and accepts homeschooling, and HAPI is grateful for their partnership for this year’s Conference.

Bearing the theme in mind, the Conference’s line-up of speakers includes international and local speakers who are a mixture of experienced homeschoolers and passionate advocates of homeschooling and education.

The PHC 2017 Expo is also sure to delight any homeschooler (or any parent who is intentional with their children’s education for that matter) with its offerings of products and services that can help them provide their kids with a rich learning experience.

PHC 2017 Topics and Speakers

This year’s conference topics have the good old “basics” of educating one’s children in mind, while also helping them to prepare for the future. The topics were also prepared with different kinds of parents in mind: those curious about homeschooling; those just starting their journey; those who are already homeschooling; and even those who are attracted to homeschooling but can’t do it for some reason or another, yet still want to be hands-on with their children’s education.

The keynote topics will be given by passionate homeschooling leaders and committed advocates of education:

Back-to-Basics Parenting in the Technological Age (by Senator Francis Pangilinan)

We live in a fast-paced, instant-gratification world, but there are age-old, universal values that parents need to impart to their children. Sen. Francis Pangilinan, a champion of homeschoolers and author of Resolution 308 declaring March 3 as National Homeschool Day, will share the wisdom he gained from raising his own brood of this new generation of Filipinos.

Unconventional Education: Empowering the Youth for the Future (by Efren Peñaflorida Jr.)

Just like homeschooling, Efren Peñaflorida Jr.’s acclaimed project called “Kariton Klasrum” is as unconventional as education goes. This 2009 CNN Hero of the Year awardee and 2016 CNN Superhero of the Decade finalist will inspire homeschoolers to continue their journey of this road-less-travelled way of teaching as he shares real stories of how his out-of-the-box method of education has changed the lives of families, one student at a time.

The Best Option for Education in the 21st Century: Homeschooling. Know Your Kids. Discover Their Passion. Learning Happens (by Marissa Leinart)

After 17 years homeschooling her 2 children and speaking at several Great Homeschool Convention workshops in the U.S., Marissa shares why we need to “C-A-R-E”  about our children’s education and the surprising rewards that come toward the end of your homeschooling journey. Besides being what many would consider a “veteran homeschooler,” Marissa is also an Emmy-award winning broadcaster, Great Homeschool Convention speaker, narrator for Apologia books, and founder of

In addition to these inspiring and information-packed keynotes, every conference attendee will definitely find something “fit” for their unique homeschooling situation in the practical Breakout Sessions lined up for the conference. Participants may choose two of the topics for the Breakout Sessions.

There will also be a special session on the topic “The 21st Century Learner,” to be given by guest speaker Sheryl Genuino-See, M.A., an educator, motivational speaker, and award-winning social entrepreneur.

(For detailed descriptions of each Keynote and Breakout Sessions topic, plus each speaker’s profile, please refer to the separate document in the PHC 2017 Media Kit with the file name “PHC 2017 Topics and Speakers” or visit

PHC 2017 Fees

For inspiring keynote talks by well-known homeschooling and education advocates, practical, information-packed breakout sessions, and access to the PHC 2017 Expo filled with vendors servicing the homeschooling community (and families in general), the conference’s Early Bird Rate of P800 per head is definitely a steal.

The Early Bird Rate is applicable until Sept. 30, 2017 only, after which the Walk-In Rate of P1,000 per head applies.

Participants who wish to bring their children can do so but need to take note of the following:

      Children 3 years old and below who will be joining their parents in the keynote talks and breakout sessions get in free but with lap seating privileges only.

      Children 4 years old and above who will be joining their parents all throughout the talks and sessions pay P800 per head (but again, this Early Bird Rate applies only until Sept. 30, after which the Walk-In Rate of P1,000 per head applies).

      Parents can also opt to have their children join the Children's Activities in designated areas for a fee per activity.* (Details of these activities will be posted soon on *IMPORTANT: For safety and security, children need to be under the supervision of a trusted adult companion at all times.

To register and/or learn more about the PHC 2017 registration process, participants may log on to for complete details.

Official Conference Sponsors and Partners

The PHC 2017 Organizers would like to thank the following for supporting our conference:

CO-SPONSOR: Treston International College

Fetch Valet Service

We all know that parking in super-congested Manila can be as difficult as getting stuck in traffic. That's why, for our participants' convenience, we partnered with a cool valet service. For the Philippine Homeschool Conference, they are providing a special flat rate of just 90 pesos for valet service AND parking.

Just download their app from the App Store (for iPhone) or send them a message through Facebook (FB) Messenger to pre-book their service and avail of the special rate.

What's great about this valet parking service is that they will send a photo of where your car is exactly parked through the app or FB Messenger.

Most importantly, they have insurance to cover any damages caused by their valets.

So convenient and affordable, just for the participants of this year's Philippine Homeschool Conference!

Download the Fetch app here or send them a message through Facebook:

MINOR SPONSORS: Heartshaper Philippines, Ninja Academy, The Learning Basket

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Spread the Word; Share the HAPI-ness

With everything HAPI has lined up for the PHC 2017, aspiring, newbie, and experienced homeschoolers alike will definitely not want to miss the biggest homeschooling event in the Philippines. In the words of PHC 2016 attendee Therese Habana, “Last year’s conference was very enriching! Looking forward to this year’s conference.”


Follow the following social media accounts to get updates and help spread the word about the PHC 2017:

Philippine Homeschool Conference on Facebook
Philippine Homeschool Conference 2017 Event Page on Facebook
Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands on Facebook
 Or look for the hashtags #PHC2017 and/or #homeschooltothefuture

For more details of the PHC 2017, please visit the PHC 2017 event organizer’s website


The Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands (HAPI), is a non-stock, non-profit organisation that aims to equip homeschooling groups and organisations in growing the national homeschooling movement. HAPI has partnered with Educating For Life (EFL) to mount the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2017. EFL was founded by homeschooling parents to support families who have courageously decided to take the path less taken in educating their children.

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