Color Manila Dares Runners to Conquer Obstacles at the Colorful CM Challenge Ilocos Sur on October 29

Color Manila Events Inc., the force that’s at the forefront of organizing colorful fun runs in the country heads up north to put on a thrill-filled, tough, fitness-driven and colorful fun run via CM Challenge Ilocos Sur this October 29, 2017 at the Tamag Open Grounds, Quirino Boulevard, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur.

Featuring an inflatable tire skip, spider maze, inflatable slide, and military crawl obstacles to transform runners into dauntless challengers, and color-coded routes to smother participants with color powders and vibrant vibes, CM Challenge Ilocos Sur sure knows how to strike a perfect balance between keeping you brave and blissful. Set in the historical and heritage haven, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, CM Challenge Ilocos Sur will surely take runners to a delightful trip down memory lane and cure those who have been bitten by the ever-contagious travel bug. The Color Festival featuring cool DJ mixes and melodies will surely hype up the runners’ mood and momentum, further expanding the fun portion in the run.
“Color Manila has been and will always put a premium on spreading a holistic running experience that highlights festive and colorful fun run #feels throughout the Philippines, hence, after our previous CM Challenge Cebu, Laguna, Cavite, and Manila events have panned out, we continue to fan out the fun and pass on the challenge, and this time around, to Ilocos Sur. Come and join us as we skip, slide, hop, crawl, climb, and run, while having fun and snapping lots of photos at the CM Challenge Ilocos Sur!” encourages Color Manila VP Justin Cordero.

Psyched up to take the challenge and run a 3K, 5K or 10K distance at the CM Challenge Ilocos Sur already? Purchase your Deluxe or Trooper kits now! At Php750, the Deluxe race kit includes a Dri-FIT shirt, race bib, sunglasses, color packet, and finisher’s medal, while the Trooper race kit, at Php1,050, comes with a Dri-FIT shirt, race bib, sunglasses, drawstring bag, headwear, color packet, and finisher’s medal.

Online registration is underway at up to October 29 or until supplies last. Onsite registration and kit claiming are also ongoing at the 2nd Floor, Provincial Capitol of Ilocos Sur, Vigan, Ilocos Sur until October 28, 2017, from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., and on October 29, 2017, from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

CM Challenge Ilocos Sur is held in partnership with the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur, and is supported by Royal Express Travel and Tours, Ariva Academy,,, YuneOh, and SwimBikeRun.

Tired of the usual run and go home set-up of fun runs? It’s about time that you accept the CM Challenge Ilocos Sur experience and take your run to the next level! For more details on the run and other Color Manila events, visit!

Now on its fifth year, COLOR MANILA has established itself as the most aggressive ‘concept fun-run’ organizer in the country. Over 120,000 runners have participated in its various franchises, which include the CM Challenge, CM Blacklight, CM Costume, CM Glitter, and CM Classic. It has broken its own record with its biggest event to date, CMR5, which had 12,000 runners that participated last January 2017. Visit for more information.

Keep Food Fresher Longer with the Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator

The Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator is the family’s partner in their journey to living fresh. It enables the busy homemaker to provide better-tasting food through innovative features such as the Twin Cooling System, Smart Conversion, and Digital Inverter technology. 

 Samsung is committed to help Filipino families embrace healthy eating. To ensure less food waste, fewer trips to the grocery, and more quality time with loved ones, be mindful of the different shelf lives of common food items once kept in your refrigerator or freezer.

 In case you didn’t know, where you store your food inside the refrigerator makes a huge difference in its shelf life. This is because certain food items require specific temperatures to stay fresh. Dairy products, for one, spoil easily, so they must always be placed in the coolest parts of the refrigerator. With the Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator, you’ll never have to worry about premature spoilage in your dairy products again. Ensuring farm-to-table freshness, it retains up to 70% humidity level in the fridge, providing sufficient cool air to keep your food fresh for longer.

If you want to make extra sure your dairy goods don’t go rancid too soon, follow these tips.        

Milk: Store newly-bought or resealed milk for a week. Just make sure to close the cartons/bottles tightly.

Cheese: Unopened hard cheese, like parmesan, can be kept for two to four months. Soft cheese, like mozzarella, can be stored for one to two weeks.

Yogurt: Plain yogurt lasts up to two weeks if left unopened, while variants with fruit must be consumed within 10 days. Once opened, resealed yogurt can last for a week.

This holiday, storing sweets, treats and dishes will need efficient cooling power to maintain freshness and quality.


Meats, whether raw or cooked, tend to give off distinct aromas. The same goes for other sources of protein like seafood and soy. Let’s say you stock up on fish in the freezer and tofu in the vegetable compartment. If your refrigerator only has a single evaporator, the distinct odors of these food items will mix. You’ll end up with tofu that smells and tastes like fish.

The Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator has two separate evaporators for the fridge and freezer, which keeps odors from mixing. This way, your food stays fresh and tasty.   

To maximize the quality and flavors of meats and other protein food sources, take note of their shelf lives.  

Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator

Pork, Beef, and Chicken: Uncooked beef or pork, whether cut or ground, lasts in the freezer for six to eight months. Raw chicken can stay frozen for a year. Once cooked, store meat dishes in airtight containers. These can be stored for a week.

Fish: Most varieties of fish can be stocked for six to nine months in the freezer. Refrigerate cooked fish for five to six days.

Eggs: Continuously refrigerated eggs can be left in their original containers for three weeks. Hard-boiled eggs can be chilled for a week; once peeled, they will last five days.

Tofu: Freeze tofu for three to five months. Once opened or only refrigerated, consume within three to five days. 


Nature’s vitamin, mineral, and nutrient-rich sources are prone to wastage if not stored properly. It would be costly to make more trips to the supermarket to replace the spoilage. To avoid that, pay attention to the humidity inside the crisper when you store fruits and vegetables.

Place whole fruits in low humidity. Vegetables, especially leafy ones, are best kept in high humidity. Store them in loosely tied plastic bags. Also prepare airtight containers for sliced fruits and vegetables.

The Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator’s high humidity level provides sufficient moisture to keep these fragile food items in good shape, as if they were served fresh from the farm. This means less trips to the market. However, to get the most out of them, consider the following.

Fruits: As a general rule, keep fruits well-stocked and free from bruises. Most fruits only survive one to four days once sliced or opened.

Whole apples and oranges last one to three months. Keep fresh tomatoes for two weeks. Strawberries need to be eaten within seven days. A whole pineapple can be refrigerated from three to five days. Bananas need to be consumed within nine days, depending on how ripe they are.

Vegetables: Your salad favorites can only provide health benefits if they’re fresh. Keep lettuce green and crispy for five to 10 days. Whole garlic and cucumbers will last for a week. Store whole onions, broccoli, and cauliflower for two weeks. Unpeeled carrots can be refrigerated for five weeks. Once sliced, keep vegetables in airtight containers and use them within five days.

As a leader in technology and innovation, Samsung is dedicated to creating smart appliances that are perfect partners for healthy living.  Enjoy farm-to-table goodness with food kept fresher for longer with the Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator.

The Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator is available in all authorized Samsung dealers nationwide. For more details, visit the Samsung Facebook page or log on to


Maximize Your Child's Learning Abilities Through Reading, Rest and Healthy Diet

Early childhood is considered to be the most important developmental stage, when the foundation for core skills and mental abilities are built. During this stage, development is very rapid, and often requires proper attention and care to help achieve optimal mental, emotional and physical potential. Here are a few things that parents can do to help maximize their children’s ability to absorb new knowledge and skills. 

Initiate an early habit and passion for reading
Exposing children to reading at a young age significantly improves their language skills and ability to learn later on. Parents should read aloud to their children on a regular basis, and they can make story time fun by using different voices and sounds, asking questions about the story, and pointing to images. Doing so exposes children to more words to expand their vocabulary.

Proper rest improves concentration
A study published in the journal Child Development show children who have had enough rest perform better in cognitive tests[1]. A preschooler or kindergartner who has outgrown napping needs a solid 10 to 13 hours of sleep each night is sufficient, an amount that will gradually decrease as he gets older. With sufficient sleep, children have more energy to concentrate better when studying. Researches from the National Institute of Health[2],[3] have also revealed that children are able to retain information more effectively if they sleep right after studying. Parents can help their children get enough sleep by establishing routines and ensuring there are no distractions when it is time for bed. 

A healthy diet helps support a healthy brain
A proper diet for children has a fundamental influence on their physical and mental development. The effects of eating certain food are often overlooked, but they should always be taken into account. For example, feeding children junk food before studying would cause them to be sluggish while chocolates may cause hyperactivity, severely decreasing a child’s concentration. Studies also indicate that children who regularly eat fruits and vegetables develop better cognitive skills and observational learning.

But since children can be picky eaters, even parents who are determined to feeding their young ones with the right food might have a hard time doing so. For example, DHA or docosahexaenoic acid is an essential nutrient for development of brain and eye function. But this fatty acid can is usually found in fish, and children might not like the taste or smell of it.

With Scott’s DHA Gummies providing 15% of the recommended intake of DHA+EPA per daily serving of three gummies, parents need not worry where to get the needed source of DHA for their children. These chewable DHA supplements come in fun, fruity flavors that children will be sure to enjoy. Scott’s DHA Gummies is a convenient way for parents to supply the required intake of DHA, and a delicious way for children to help achieve healthy brain development.

[2] Memory for Semantically Related and Unrelated Declarative Information: The Benefit of Sleep, the Cost of Wake
[3] Immediate as well as delayed post learning sleep but not wakefulness enhances declarative memory consolidation in children

Doing Laundry the Samsung AddWash Way: 4 Laundry Myths Debunked

The Samsung AddWash Front Load Washing Machine is the perfect laundry care partner for today’s busy Filipino homemaker. Designed with innovative technologies that address the most common challenges that arise during clothes-washing, this smart washing machine enables its users to conveniently take care of their family for a more balanced life. 

There are a lot of myths about doing laundry that inadvertently passes on from one homemaker to another, and they make this chore seem difficult when, in fact, it really doesn’t have to be. Here are 5 common ones to avoid, and reasons why the Samsung AddWash Front Load Washing Machine can be your partner in convenience:

  1. More detergent, cleaner clothes.
Excess soap actually does more harm than good -- instead of breaking down dirt, it can get trapped in the fabric, thereby impeding the cleaning process. It may also stiffen the clothing items and affect their longevity. Follow recommended amounts of cleaning agent for different wash loads.
The Samsung AddWash Front Load Washing Machine’s EcoBubble technology maximizes detergent power by converting the product into powerful cleansing bubbles that penetrate clothes 40 times better.

  1.  Always wash with hot water. It removes all stains!
    While washing with hot water helps in removing stains, it is not the end-all solution – you still need detergent to thoroughly clean your laundry. Moreover, it has been proven to be harmful to certain fabrics. The Samsung AddWash works well with either hot or cold water. You don’t need to use up time and electricity to heat up water before washing, so you save up on energy costs. Apart from that, you avoid the risk of potentially damaging your clothes.

  1. Hand-washing is still the way to go.
While hand-washing enables you to give a specific item of clothing the appropriate care it needs, it is inefficient and physically demanding. If you do not want delicate fabrics to go through a full cycle, you can always add them later through the Samsung AddWash Door. You can also opt to use the machine’s Quick Wash function, which cleans your clothes in just 15 minutes. Furthermore, the Samsung AddWash’s EcoBubble and Bubble Soak Technology already ensure stain removal and cleansing power without vigorous scrubbing.

  1. Longer wash cycles are always better.
Always pay attention to the appropriate wash cycles for different kinds of fabrics. Some clothes benefit from a longer washing time, while some are perfectly fine with a speedier cycle. For urgent laundry loads and durable clothes, the Samsung AddWash Super Speed setting uses a Speed Spray mechanism that finishes a spin cycle for a 10.5kg load and up in 59 minutes without compromising quality. It may be wise to save the delicate fabrics for the regular speed cycle. 

The Samsung AddWash Front Load Washing Machine lineup is available in all authorized Samsung dealers nationwide. For more details, visit the Samsung Facebook page or log on to