The POSH Caterer – The Theme Party Specialist

Our recent Winter Wonderland party was an astounding success and a large part of that success was the wonderful job that our caterers provided in styling our venue, Spaces by Babyland.

We’ll be doing separate features on these very talented caterers and we’re starting off with The Posh Caterer who not only lived up to our expectations but exceeded it by providing a beautiful set up and delicious food.
The Posh Caterer specializes in theme styled parties and when we requested a Winter Wonderland theme they were able to provide that wintery snowy feeling we were hoping to capture.

Some thoughts from our mommy bloggers on their service and food:
“The Posh Catering, I love the Lasagna…:-D” – Lally’s Reflections
“Yummy food, especially the Mango Crepe” – Life of Que
“The Posh Caterer had an impressive display and menu. they truly kept the theme of Winter Wonderland in mind when coming up with the styling.” – ArtOfBeingAMom


Furry Tails Pet Shop Opens At Ayala Fairview Terraces

Furry Tails' branch in SM Fairview already closed but they opened a new branch at the top floor of the opposite mall, Ayala Fairview Terraces. Here we share with you Tweenselmom's recent review of their visit at Furry Tails Fairview Terraces.

We were so happy when we found out that Furry Tails will be having another branch in one of the nearest malls from our home, at Ayala Fairview Terraces. We have always brought our shih tzu at Furry Tails SM Fairview but they had recently moved to a smaller space in another location but in the same mall. We haven’t seen the changes in their branch in SM Fairview but I think we will be going more often in their FT branch. We usually visit FT more often because there is lesser crowd there, more comfort rooms and of course, it's a new mall.

Furry Tails at Ayala Fairview Terraces is also more accessible since they are located on the rooftop. When you have a car, you just go directly to their top floor using their service elevator. No need to go inside the mall proper. Fairview Terraces has a wide space on their rooftop, with smooth pavement and lots of plants, just like in a park.


Tupperware Brands – A Complete Line Of Products For The Whole Family

Tupperware, maybe for some, may only connote the plastic Tupperware lunch boxes we used to see being brought by moms or ladies on small girl sessions or what some call Tupperware parties. Actually, the durable storage boxes which are trademarks of Tupperware is only a small member of the whole network of Tupperware Brands.

Tupperware Brands is composed of at least 32 strong family brands which cater to each member of the family, from the youngest to the oldest.

“Tupperware was introduced in the Philippines in 1966 and has since become a household name, changing the lives of millions of Filipinos through its world-class products and the limitless income opportunities it offers. In 2007, Tupperware Philippines merged with Sara Lee Direct Selling Philippines to become what was known as Fullerlife Direct Selling Philippines. Today, we are proudly known as Tupperware Brands Philippines to reflect our strong heritage while conveying that we are a multi-brand, multi-category direct sales company.” — Tupperware Brands website

Products from these family brands are directly sold in various Tupperware Brands giving income opportunities to its direct sellers who are mostly women. Many of these women are hardworking moms like us and many had achieved success in their entrepreneurship.

The Benefits Of Drinking Water – Safest Headache Reliever

Throughout the day, we are constantly losing water from our bodies due strenuous activities, warm weather, & other factors. Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water, so majority of our systems is affected when we do not get proper water intake.

Drinking enough water maintains the body’s fluid balance, helping with the distribution of nutrients, regulation of body temperature, digestion of food, and more. For this reason, medical professionals suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Aside from being one of our basic needs, the benefits of proper hydration are endless.

Brain booster. Our brains are made up of around 80% water so it is vital to stay hydrated in order to stay alert, manage stress levels, and help us focus better. A study in London suggests that students who bring water into exam rooms get better grades, suggesting that it promotes clearer thinking.

Keeps things flowing. Water not only aids food move through your digestive system, it also keeps your intestines smooth and flexible, preventing constipation. It also helps reduce the risk of kidney stones by diluting salts, minerals, and other wastes.

Proper distillation of drinking water safely removes all contaminants, making it a top drink of choice. Moms all over the country are keeping their families healthy and safely hydrated with Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water. Ensuring that their families get only the best, they choose the only local brand with an international certification from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Located in Michigan, USA, NSF is an independent organization recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) that is accredited to test, audit, and certify products and systems meeting safety and health standards. With NSF’s vote of confidence, moms and their families can say cheers to good health with every glass of Absolute.

Tang Partners With Mindanao For Tree-Planting World Record

We are all aware how climate change has affected our families not only when the season suddenly changes from sunny to stormy or stormy to sunny. The last typhoon left most families grieving in Catbalogan. It’s easy to lose hope when we think that these are all part of climate change we can’t control. Actually, we shouldn’t lose hope because there’s still time to change and be part of activities which will help us turn nature into our own protector.

Tang Sweet Orange has recently partnered with the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) for the “TreeVolution: Greening MindaNOW movement” which led the successful attempt in setting a new world record for the most number of trees simultaneously planted in multiple locations. A total of 220 volunteers planted 4,000,081 seedlings in 253 separate planting sites, eclipsing the 1,945,525 trees record set by India.