Professional Academy for Culinary Education (PACE): Training Chefs To Be Entrepreneurs

PACE, gaining from its success in Rizal now opens its doors in Paranaque to give more opportunities to individuals who are passionate about food, cooking and entrepreneurship. PACE takes pride in pioneering the concept of Chefpreneurship where aspiring chefs are also trained to be future entrepreneurs.

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PACE was conceptualized April 9, 2012 with the vision of building an institution for culinary training and culinary entrepreneurship in the east area of Metro Manila. It was noble idea of Chefs, Educators and Entrepreneurs who saw Culinary Education as a catalyst for change in the Food Service Industry.

PACE has shown its commitment to the development of the Filipino Chef and Entrepreneur as well as the growth of the Culinary Profession and Industry through its unique combination of culinary skills training combined with entrepreneurship fundamentals that provides the graduate with more options after taking the course.

The team of professionals in Paranaque lead by Chef Menoy Gimenez, a culinary education pioneer and the same team who established PACE in Rizal will ensure that students will get the best culinary education possible highlighted by PACE’s advantage of having 8 students in a class for better training and mentorship. An individualized hands-on training delivery where students learn best by doing the tasks on their own and a training environment nestled in a real restaurant setting where they learning is more meaningful and relevant.
Through their new branch in Paranaque, PACE hopes to provide more skilled chefs, more knowledgeable and competitive entrepreneurs and ultimately, realize a new breed of Culinary visionaries who will soon be part of this ever growing industry.

Expo Mom 2015: #MomManifesto

Mommy Mundo takes moms on a mission that's totally possible! More often than not, moms are on auto-pilot as they go about their daily routine. Prepare breakfast for the kids, check! Pay household bills, check! Arrange birthday party for youngest, check! Help eldest finish his homework, check! Take a minute for some reflection, hmmm, maybe later!  

So this mother’s month of May, Mommy Mundo encourages moms to go on a journey of mindfulness and self-discovery through EXPO MOM 2015: #MOMMANIFESTO happening on May 22-25 at the Glorietta 2, Palm Drive, Makati City. Now on its 8th year, Expo Mom is the biggest gathering of progressive, active moms showcasing the latest in family-oriented product innovations and parenting trends in a fun, fulfilling environment.   

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How To Save Mommy Time In The Kitchen

A mother is often expected to be a superwoman, juggling roles as a mom, a wife, a cook, a housekeeper, and a caregiver for the elders, and many others. By learning ways to become more efficient in performing household chores, moms can also have time to take care of themselves, and enjoy more precious moments with their loved ones. 

Below are some tips for moms to save time in the kitchen:

Be organized. “A place for everything, and everything in its place” is an incredibly useful advice to stick to. By keeping things organized in the kitchen – from the kitchenware and cutlery, to the condiments and cleaning tools, mothers will not waste time looking for the things they need.

Scout for ready-made cabinets, shelves, and drawers that fit the kitchen and serve as storage for various items. If you have the budget, you can hire a custom-maker of cabinets and a kitchen organizer, so that slots and nooks can be created to address the family’s unique makeup – for example, families with small children who want sharp objects in hard-to-reach places, or those who want to maximize a small space. This way, the arrangement of objects will be intuitive, and there will be less temptation to mess it up. Other members of the family must also be taught to respect the order of things, as their contribution to keeping the house tidy.

Prepare (and use) ingredients and cookware smartly. Related to the first tip, an organized mom prepares all the ingredients and cookware before she starts cooking. This way, she does not run to the pantry and to the fridge each time she needs something. Then, she uses time-saving kitchen tools, including food processor for faster slicing, or blender to puree ingredients that can serve as instant sauce or soup thickener.

Ingredients like garlic or onions should be prepared in batches, and stored for future use. The order of the cooking should be smart, too: dishes that only require light sauteeing should come before those that will have strong flavors, so that the same pan or cauldron can be used even without washing. Furthermore, cookware should be washed immediately after (or soaked in water) so that it is easier and faster to remove the dirt.

Plan a weekly menu. Having a weekly menu can excite the whole family. Even better, it lets the mom plan the cooking wisely. Planning to have vegetables as a siding for fish? The veggies can be placed in a steamer on top of the rice. Meat, which usually takes a long time to soften, can be used as a main dish, but some can be set aside to spice up the dishes for the next day.

A weekly menu can especially help moms who prepare packed lunch and snacks for the family. If they are particularly pressed for time, they can place the cooked dishes in microwaveable containers, and just reheat them on the day these will be eaten.

Use efficient fuel that’s safe for the family. For your cooking needs, choose an LPG brand that bears the mark of safety and quality. When fuel is manufactured according to the highest standards, it becomes every smart mother’s trusted partner for efficient cooking.

Go with a good brand like Solane, which is backed by its manufacturer’s guarantee of superior product quality, safety, and exact weight. To order today, call Solane’s Hatid Bahay hotline number 887-5555 or visit