Triumph Beginner's Collection - When Your Tweens Start Wearing Bra

This back-to-school season, Triumph introduces its new beginners line tailored for young girls. Choose from four basic styles suited for everyday wear. Sweet and simple, these pretty cotton pieces offer stylish comfort and a natural feel – a perfect companion for every girl’s first bra!

The Everyday Cotton Bra is made with natural cotton and lightly padded cups making this bra a simple yet super reliable and comfortable choice. Available in five colors, the Everyday Cotton Bra is an ideal starter bra.

Triumph’s Second-Stage Beginner’s Bra is made with a higher cut soft cup for more developed girls needing additional coverage and support. Straps can be worn cross back making this bra suitable to wear with school uniforms or weekend outfits!

The versatile Beginners Bandeau can be worn four ways to match any outfit. Wear it regular two-strap, halter, cross-back, or strapless, this style is made with soft microfiber designed to stretch with your body.

Flattering and comfortable, the Beginners Active Top is designed with a racer-back for ease of movement. Its spandex material stretches as you move making this a bra of choice for sporty young girls.

Complete the Beginners Everyday Collection with the 4-panty pack. Available in pink, blue, skin, and white, this panty pack provides superb comfort and fit and value for money at PHP 600!

Get ready for school with Triumph’s new Beginners Collection! From May 18 to July 18, 2015 get a free gift from Triumph when you purchase 2 or more items from our Beginners Collection. Premium items from Modess and Lactacyd await our teens making sure they stay fresh with a Triumph Cosmetic Kit and Modess Cottony Soft Pads.

Triumph International is one of the world’s largest intimate apparel companies. It enjoys a presence in over 120 countries with the core brands Triumph®, sloggi®, Valisère® and HOM®. Globally, the company serves 40,000 wholesale customers and sells its products in 2,100 Triumph Stores as well as via several own online shops. Triumph International employs more than 33,000 people and achieves revenues of 1.9 billion Swiss francs (2013). It is a member of both the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP).

Triumph is available in the Philippines at the Triumph Store (2/F Robinsons Place Magnolia), and in all leading department stores nationwide.

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Introducing Vitamilk - Fresh and Fun Baon Ideas for School Year 2015

It’s the last week of summer and once again, moms are getting ready to prepare scrumptious yet easy to prepare meals for their kids.  Preparation time doesn’t need to be long, but if you’re short on ideas, here are fast, fresh, and fun packed lunch ideas that will surely delight your children. 

Peanut butter fun pack. Make it an exciting recess for your children by creating a peanut butter fun pack. Simply put two to three tablespoons of peanut butter in a container and accompany it with raw vegetables like celery, zucchini or even crackers and cookies. This will definitely be a fun treat to share with your kids and their classmates. To make sure that the sweetness doesn’t overwhelm your child, make sure to pack a bottle of Summit Natural Drinking Water or Absolute Distilled Drinking Water.

BBQ sandwich. Grilled sandwiches will be a hit for your child’s lunch break, with endless varieties to choose from. Grilled skinless breast or gently marinated tapa slices, and yes, even left over pork barbecue can be used. Introduce the taste of exciting vegetables and condiments as well by including lettuce, tomato, or even olives and avocadoes. It’s the zing your child needs to be energetic the whole day long. Pair it with the sweet taste of Sunkist Carbonated Juice Drink that will definitely make this meal even more exciting.

Fun fried rice. Rice is a staple in every Filipino’s diet; more so the classic fried rice or sinangag. Make it more nutritious and flavorful for your child by adding chopped tofu, lean meat, and even vegetables Partner it with Pinoy Si-log favorites like tapa, tocino, and hotdog, and this could be your child’s next favorite lunch treat. Take the plunge and make it even sweeter with Nestea in a Bottle. Its sweet taste will definitely compliment the salty taste of the fun fried rice.

Top off these meals with Vitamilk, that’s nutrition and great taste in a bottle that your children will definitely enjoy. With these meals, school year 2015 will definitely be a great one.

Globally-Renowned Hereditary Cancer Test Now Available In The Philippines

In May 2013, Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie made headlines when she announced that she had undergone a preventive double mastectomy. Her controversial decision came after test results showed that she had 87 percent of getting breast and ovarian cancer because of a high-risk gene.

Since then, Jolie’s health issue has brought the issue of hereditary cancer to the fore, encouraging women all over the world to get tested and seek consultations. Dubbed “the Angelina Jolie effect,” researchers found that testing rates increased from about 350 a week prior to Jolie’s news to about 500 a week after her announcement, reflecting a 40 percent increase.

Health experts welcomed this surge in cancer awareness and spur of action, especially since cancer does run in some families. Approximately 5 to 10 percent of all cancers develop because a person inherited a genetic mutation in a way that encourages the disease to grow, according to Myriad Genetics. Myriad is the company that offered BRACAnalysis, the test used by Jolie to determine her cancer risk.

As the demand for more comprehensive gene tests soared, Myriad has launched a new multi-hereditary cancer panel, called myRisk Hereditary Cancer. Currently, this globally-renowned test is being exclusively provided in the Philippines by Hi-Precision Diagnostics (HPD), the leading diagnostics center in the country.
“Individuals with certain genetic mutations are far more likely to develop cancer, often at a much earlier age than most people. As such, knowing a patient’s genetic makeup can help reduce risks and lead to the correct management of the disease,” said Dr. Karl T. Morales, a Surgical Oncology & General Surgery doctor and a Fellow of American College of Surgeons.

Myriad myRisk is a risk assessment test that detects gene mutations associated with eight major cancers. This includes cancer of the breast, ovarian, gastric, colorectal, pancreatic, melanoma, prostate and endometrial, which can all be associated with a single gene.

“What makes Myriad myRisk different from other tests is that this is the only hereditary cancer test combining your genetic information with your personal and family history, in order to generate guideline-based management options to help you lower cancer risks,” Dr. Morales said.

He clarified that Myriad myRisk does not determine whether one has cancer – rather, the test looks at multiple genes that impact inherited risks for eight important cancers. Testing multiple genes helps avoid missing a possible cancer-causing mutation. “These test results provide critical information for your healthcare provider to make optimal medical decisions and take action in building a personalized cancer risk-reduction plan,” Ong-Sue added.

If one tests positive in the myRisk test, it means the individual carries a genetic mutation that increases cancer risk. The myRisk report is a helpful tool to understand a patient’s options, leading to management recommendations for specific cancer risks. With these recommendations, the patient and healthcare provider discuss and determine the right course of management, including improved screenings, preventive medication, and risk-reducing procedures.

Considered to be the global benchmark in accuracy and in offering fast turnaround time for panel testing, Myriad myRisk is among the range of special diagnostic tests that HPD offers.

Currently, HPD is one of the widest networks of diagnostics centers in the country. “We want to make the most comprehensive diagnostics services with the latest testing technologies accessible to more Filipinos, because we believe everyone deserves high quality healthcare,” HPD Vice President for Sales and Marketing Melissa OngSue-Lee said.

Known to be a pioneer in the industry, HPD continues to innovate service delivery to its clients. Its facilities, furnished with state-of-the art equipment and software, are manned by highly trained, licensed professional medical technologists who conduct integrated and fully automated laboratory, imaging, and special tests, as well as other forms of examinations.

For more information about Hi-Precision Diagnostics, the Myriad myRisk Hereditary Cancer test, as well as other diagnostic tests, visit or contact their hotlines, (02) 741-7777 or (02) 863-9999.