3 Quick And Smart Tips In Preparing Kids' Lunch

School season is coming, and with it comes the task that often falls on moms’ shoulders: preparing their kids’ school stuff, especially their packed lunch.

It’s no simple chore – as children can be picky about what they eat. But here are a few tips from Solane, the country’s leading cooking gas, for making meals that the young ones will truly enjoy.

Make it delicious yet healthy. School children are at the growing age, and they need all the nutrition they can get for their bones, muscles, and brain, among other body parts to be developed. Moms need to make sure that the meals cover the “recommended dietary allowance” for the nutrients they need: from carbohydrates and protein to vitamins and minerals. Dishes should form a balanced diet: there should be portions of grains (typically rice and noodles), meat, and fruits and veggies, even oils.

A particularly hard part of introducing a healthy meal would be making the kids eat vegetables. Studies show that the habit is best learned by example, but because parents will not be in school to personally show the kids that greens are fun to eat, the key is to cook them in a child-friendly way, say, by cleverly pairing them with a siding or sauce that they already love. Examples would be boiled beans dipped in mayonnaise, tofu cubes rolled alongside ground beef in a tortilla wrap, or mushrooms slathered in cheese.

Make it colorful. The same way kids like their clothes, their toys, and their surroundings bursting with colors, kids will be more inclined to finish what’s on their plate if it looked enticing because of the different colors.

Plating is important to capture their imagination. Some of the garnishing items that also bring nutrients to the dish are carrots, cucumber, red or green bell peppers, celery, and pineapples. Make sure your pantry is well-stocked with these, to instantly bring color to your kid’s lunch!

Make it easy. Preparing the kids’ lunch doesn’t need to be a stressful activity. Indeed, food tastes best when it is cooked with love, by someone who is having fun!

To aid moms in cooking, there are many references for kid-friendly recipes online, including on Solane’s Facebook page. Solane has also developed an app called Solane Kitchen eMinder, a handly reminder tool for Solane LPG, food, and grocery. Moms can use it to keep track of the household’s Solane LPG consumption, to make sure they have enough fuel to prepare meals in the mornings. They can also take a photo of particular items, and enter such details as its expiry, or preparation requirements. Reminders to buy a new bottle of cooking oil, or to marinate meat, for example, can then be sent over Facebook or email.

Kids’ lunches for school are best cooked using a reliable source of cooking gas like Solane, a brand known for its mark of safety and quality. Order a Solane LPG tank today by calling Solane’s Hatid Bahay hotline number 887-5555 or visiting www.solane.com.ph.

Make A Quick Stop To DQ This Father's Day For A Lotus Speculoos Blizzard

Starting from May til July 2, Dairy Queen's special flavor is Lotus Speculoos Blizzard that features the unique taste and crunchy texture of Biscoff cookies together with the sweet & creamy Lotus Biscoff Spread. It’s so thick and creamy that you need to scoop it in a spoon and served upside-down, available in three sizes, regular, medium and large.

Furthermore, in partnership with Dairy Queen, the delectable intensity of flavor of the Lotus Biscoff caramelized biscuit is now combined with Dairy Queen’s Blizzard Cake. They surely know how to reward each ‘cool’ dad with an equally awesome ‘cool’ cake. You can now surprise your beloved fathers with this limited edition treat on his special day. With its unique caramelized flavor and texture, it will surely capture their hearts. So don’t forget to grab this chance of trying out Dairy Queen’s Father's Day Speculoos Blizzard Cake from June 15 - 21, 2015 in all DQ outlets nationwide. 

Satisfy your craving with these limited offers from Lotus and Dairy Queen. Lotus Biscoff is the famous international brand that launched to fame for its unique wonderful flavor, therefore acquiring the name of Europe’s favorite coffee biscuit. The Lotus Biscoff cookies also have a sister product, which is the Lotus Biscoff Spreads, available in Crunchy and Smooth Texture under a new packaging. Together, they make up a whole product line that will surely excite tastebuds and create those sweet cravings from the young and young at heart.

Make Daddies Happy With Cool Baskin-Robbins Father's Day Ice Cream Cakes

It's time to make our daddies happy this  coming Father’s Day! Who are you kidding? Dads love ice cream cakes as much as moms and kids and everybody else in the family.

It's so perfect that Baskin-Robbins has come up with a cool lineup of festive, eye-catching Father’s Day ice cream cakes including The Cold One Cake and The Tool Box Cake.

The former is an innovative ice cream cake inspired by a beer mug to add a fun and festive touch to Dad’s special celebration while the Tool Box Cake is another novel ice cream cake design that features decorative chocolate tools and blue icing, perfect for the “handyman Dad”.

Father’s Day ice cream cakes can be customized to feature Dad’s favorite ice cream flavor combination. Visit Baskin-Robbins shops at the Central Square, Bonifacio Global City; Greenbelt 5, Makati; Fairview Terraces and Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. For more details about Baskin-Robbins, visit www.baskinrobbins.ph or check out their Facebook (facebook.com/baskinrobbinsph), Twitter and Instagram (baskinrobbinsph) accounts.

Love Does Not Hurt - Positive Discipline Supported By Celebrities

Children’s rights organizations and advocates of positive discipline gathered last May 21, 2015 at the Quezon City Sports Club to promote Positive Discipline as good parenting. The “Go Positive! Celebrity Advocate Media Launch” unveiled the newest addition to the growing ranks of positive discipline advocates. Celebrities Cherry Pie Picache,, Reema Chanco and Lotlot de Leon gave their statements of support and urged the public to “Go Positive!”

Organized by the PETA ARTS (Advocate Right to Safety) Zone Project in partnership with Plan International, Child Rights Network (CRN) and Dakila, supported by terre des homes-Germany, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and the European Union (EU), the media launch featured the advocacy video, “Go Positive! The Positive Discipline Approach to Parenting.” Advocates from various sectors including public school educators, faith-based groups and youth shared testimonials on how going positive rears children who are able to grow towards reaching their full potentials and develop holistically as human beings.

Marichu Belarmino, Director of PETA ARTS Zone Project, said, For the Filipino parents, children are considered blessings given by the Creator and therefore, they are showered with much care and love acting as their guardians. For Filipino children, his or her parents are most often placed on a pedestal and the family plays a significant role in his/her growing-up years. Across decades and through the years, disciplining children has been equated with placing punishment on them and most importantly, regarded as a private matter. As the global world and the Filipino culture and society evolve, we are now confronted with the question:  Is punishment the way to discipline a child?  Are we indeed creating a nurturing, loving and caring place for our children once we inflict harm and pain on them?”

The Child Rights Network has been lobbying for the passage of a law that will institutionalize positive and non-violent methods of disciplining children. The House of Representatives already passed HB 4907 or the Positive and Nonviolent Discipline of Children Act which explicitly prohibits corporal punishment, and provides a comprehensive program to promote positive and nonviolent discipline in all settings, especially at home. The Senate versions of the bills on positive discipline authored separately by Senators Cynthia Villar (Senate Bill 2182), Jinggoy Estrada (SBN 363) and Nancy Binay (SBN 227) are still pending.

According to Plan International’s Country Program Advisor for Child-Friendly Governance, Ernesto Almocera Jr., "In our society, physical and verbal punishment are treated as acceptable forms of discipline. It is unfortunate that our laws tolerate physical punishment in the name of disciplining children. Parents and other adults should recognize that, even for the sake of discipline, causing pain or discomfort is a violation of children’s rights. We are hoping to protect the rights of Filipino children against these forms of punishment by encouraging all those with parental authority to start disciplining children without harm”.

Positive discipline is an approach to guiding children’s behavior without using any form of violence like spanking, pinching, humiliation, and verbal abuse. It is about instilling values of non-violence, empathy, self-respect, human rights and respect for others. Advocates champion positive discipline as a disciplinary method that involves open communication with a child, making sure that the parent-child relationship is rooted on mutual love and respect. It ensures that the child understands the consequences of his actions and allows him to make his own decisions, making discipline a matter of deep understanding and going beyond blind obedience.

Celebrity mom Lotlot de Leon shared her experiences as a mother, “For me, the best way to discipline our children is to explain to them what their mistakes are. We don’t need to hurt them for them to understand their mistakes. We should sit down with them, talk to them and make them understand the context and perspective where we are coming from as parents and as adults. In the future, when our children become parents, they will do the same kind of parenting we did to them to our grandchildren.”

Award winning actress Cherry Pie Picache shared that, “it is important that a child grows up in a nurturing environment because this will affect his or her beliefs, values and customs when he or she becomes an adult. The biggest challenge in inspiring and encouraging other parents to embrace positive discipline is to enable them to veer away with the beliefs, customs and values they grew up with, the kind of discipline that harm, embarrass and instill fear to children”.

PETA ARTS Zone Project, Plan International, Dakila and the Child Rights Network have been engaging in activities that encourage “duty-bearers” to go positive in disciplining children with out resorting to violent forms. In ending, Marichu Belarmino of PETA ARTS Zone said, “There are more than enough ways for affirmative child rearing practices and instilling discipline to children with out resorting to violence and at the same time upholding their rights and dignity as children. Loving our children means never hurting them.” ##

Triumph Beginner's Collection - When Your Tweens Start Wearing Bra

This back-to-school season, Triumph introduces its new beginners line tailored for young girls. Choose from four basic styles suited for everyday wear. Sweet and simple, these pretty cotton pieces offer stylish comfort and a natural feel – a perfect companion for every girl’s first bra!

The Everyday Cotton Bra is made with natural cotton and lightly padded cups making this bra a simple yet super reliable and comfortable choice. Available in five colors, the Everyday Cotton Bra is an ideal starter bra.

Triumph’s Second-Stage Beginner’s Bra is made with a higher cut soft cup for more developed girls needing additional coverage and support. Straps can be worn cross back making this bra suitable to wear with school uniforms or weekend outfits!

The versatile Beginners Bandeau can be worn four ways to match any outfit. Wear it regular two-strap, halter, cross-back, or strapless, this style is made with soft microfiber designed to stretch with your body.

Flattering and comfortable, the Beginners Active Top is designed with a racer-back for ease of movement. Its spandex material stretches as you move making this a bra of choice for sporty young girls.

Complete the Beginners Everyday Collection with the 4-panty pack. Available in pink, blue, skin, and white, this panty pack provides superb comfort and fit and value for money at PHP 600!

Get ready for school with Triumph’s new Beginners Collection! From May 18 to July 18, 2015 get a free gift from Triumph when you purchase 2 or more items from our Beginners Collection. Premium items from Modess and Lactacyd await our teens making sure they stay fresh with a Triumph Cosmetic Kit and Modess Cottony Soft Pads.

Triumph International is one of the world’s largest intimate apparel companies. It enjoys a presence in over 120 countries with the core brands Triumph®, sloggi®, Valisère® and HOM®. Globally, the company serves 40,000 wholesale customers and sells its products in 2,100 Triumph Stores as well as via several own online shops. Triumph International employs more than 33,000 people and achieves revenues of 1.9 billion Swiss francs (2013). It is a member of both the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP).

Triumph is available in the Philippines at the Triumph Store (2/F Robinsons Place Magnolia), and in all leading department stores nationwide.