3rd Summer Reading Camp All Set This April

Get ready to see Filipino stories come alive and take home a part of them with you thru art- as the 3rd Summer Reading Camp is all set this April 17, Sunday, from 10am to 4pm!

It will be a whole day of reading, storytelling and art activities for kids aged 3-12!

There will be teepees setup "camping in the city style" and three corners for them to explore namely:

READING CORNER –where they can borrow and read all the books they want from our Book Mobile Phils mobile library on site

ART CORNER – where they can unleash their inner artist by engaging in art activities related to stories read to them

STORYTELLING CORNER – where thay will listen and watch as children’s stories come alive via The Storytelling Project team and Ms. Isa Mijares.

ADVOCACY CORNER- where our partner NGO Black Pencil Project will be hosting a Paint-a-Pencil activity where blank pencils will be designed by kids and parents, and will be donated to BPP's partner schools nationwide.

Aside from participating in these events, Adarna House will also be selling books on site at affordable rates.

An exciting surprise awaits the first 20 early birds (to arrive on the day) from La Pomme Home.

Plus you can bring home a souvenir photo from the photobooth.

This event aims to rekindle and encourage a genuine love for reading in Filipino children, by spending one whole day doing reading related activities, ALL FOR FREE.

To register your child, please fill up this form http://goo.gl/forms/mQiPVXbpQb

The event is in partnership with Black Pencil Project, The Storytelling Project, La Pomme Home, Canon Philippines and McDonalds.

Activities are as follows:
8-9am Registration
9-10am Launch of Book Mobile Phils, Signup for the Book Mobile Phils Readers Club
10am-11am Storytelling sessions by The Storytelling Project
11am-12noon Art activities
12noon-1pm Paint a Pencil with Black Pencil Project
1-2pm Storytelling by The Storytelling Project
2-3pm Art Activities
3-4pm Closing/ Certificates for participants who completed the whole day event

“The Lion King” continues with “The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar" TV Movie

The epic storytelling of Disney’s “The Lion King” continues with “The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar,” a television movie event premiering 20 March, 11am on Disney Channel in Southeast Asia. The movie follows Kion, the second-born cub of Simba and Nala, as he assumes the role of leader of The Lion Guard, a team of animals tasked with preserving the Pride Lands. The movie leads into “The Lion Guard” television series, which will premiere on 17 April, 8.30am on Disney Channel.

“The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar” features an all-star voice cast, which includes James Earl Jones and Ernie Sabella reprising their memorable roles from “The Lion King” as Mufasa and Pumbaa, respectively, alongside Rob Lowe as Simba and Gabrielle Union as Nala. Max Charles stars as Kion. The voice cast also includes Joshua Rush as Bunga; Atticus Shaffer as Ono; Diamond White as Fuli; and Dusan Brown as Beshte.

Set in the African Savanna, “The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar” follows Kion as he assembles the members of the Lion Guard. Traditionally, The Lion Guard comprised of the bravest and strongest lions in the Pride Lands. However, Kion defies tradition by calling upon some of his friends who typically wouldn’t have made the cut. From Kion’s best friend Bunga, a fearless honey badger, to Ono, an intellectual egret, to Fuli, a confident cheetah, and to Beshte, a friendly and good-spirited hippo, the newly formed Lion Guard is a rag tag group of unlikely heroes, united in their purpose to protect the Pride Lands. Throughout the movie and the series, the team will learn to utilize each of their unique abilities as they face new adventures in upholding the balance within the Circle of Life.

In anticipation of the movie and series launch, the search is on for kids across Southeast Asia to showcase their very best lion roars, no matter how big or small, via the “Show Us Your Roar” campaign on the Disney Channel Asia Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DisneyChannelAsia). Kids who submit their roars stand a chance to have their video aired on Disney Channel during the premiere of “The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar”!

“The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar” and “The Lion Guard” series will also air on Disney Junior later on in the year.

Ford Riley (“Special Agent Oso”) developed the movie and series and serves as executive producer. Howy Parkins (“Jake and the Never Land Pirates”) is the director.

Are You Ready For A Healthy And Safe Marathon?

Tips Marathon Philippines
 People vector designed by Freepik

You may be running a marathon this year, or planning to do so, but before running a 26.2 mile race, make sure that you’re prepared physically, mentally and emotionally. Aside from making you fit and healthy and boosting your stamina, marathon running is also a great opportunity to meet other running enthusiasts like you.
“Running a 26.2 mile race is a fulfilling achievement, especially for runners. However, runners should take precautions before and during their runs such as getting proper training, eating protein and carbohydrates-rich foods before the race, and familiarizing themselves with the race course. If they ignore these guidelines, they might suffer from injuries and jeopardize their lives,” says Dr. Nicky Montoya, MediCard Philippines president.
Here are tips to ensure a safe and healthy marathon running:
Proper training. Tapering or cutting back on the mileage means that you run less and rest more. It’s recommended to do your last long run three weeks before the marathon, Two weeks before the race, cut mileage to about 50 to 75% of what you have been running and try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. A week before the marathon, cut mileage to about one-third of normal mileage and for the most part, keep your normal pace. It is also advisable to give your muscles a chance to rest and skip your strength-training routine.
Wear proper clothing. Considering your running wardrobe is a must before the marathon. Wear nylon or running clothes instead of cotton because it traps sweat rather than allow it to evaporate. It’s also advisable to wear the same shoes that you use during training since wearing familiar shoes will make you more comfortable while running.
Warm up before the race. Warming up prepares your muscles for peak performance by increasing your core body temperature, which speeds oxygen throughout the body. It also triggers the neural pathways between your brain and your muscles, improving muscle contraction and power. Warming up includes 10 minutes of light jogging and five minutes of lunges and leg swings.
Eat before, during, and after the race. Two to four hours before the race, eat foods rich in protein and simple carbohydrates and drink water or low-calorie sports drink. Good choices for pre-race foods include bread, cereal, fruit, and minimal amounts of low-fat cheese and low-fat milk. You must avoid eating fiber, fatty and new foods as these may cause digestion problems. During the race, it is advisable that you snack on energy foods such as bananas and granola bars. Consuming a mix of high-carbohydrates and moderate-protein foods after the race is advised to replenish your body and repair and rebuild any muscle damage.
Hydrate. Drinking water during the marathon is a must as it helps the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles and enables them to contract properly. You can also drink sports drinks and other beverages containing electrolytes and nutrients such as juices and chocolate milk.
Practice the race course. If possible, learn the race course, the start and finish locations, the turns, any steep climbs, and the aid stations, as these will definitely help you prepare and finish the race safely.
Do not run consecutive marathons. Running for 26.2 miles is enough to strain your muscles and running consecutive marathons without proper training might cause severe injuries. Thus, it is advisable to give your body enough time to recover before running another marathon.
Are you ready to run a marathon? MediCard has 12 free-standing clinics nationwide that offer consultations, and laboratory tests to find out if you are physically healthy to do a marathon. Visit a MediCard clinic near you or check out their website at www.medicardphils.com for more information.  

Introducing Red Ribbon's Bigger, Better Ensaimada

Red Ribbon Ensaimada

 We Filipinos love to snack.  Whether it’s before lunch or after, we always make it a point to make time to indulge in our need and love for snacks.  

While most snackers will say that they give in to the munchies because of real hunger, many admit that snack time is the perfect moment to take a break from work or school, and just socialize over a favorite pastry or bread. 

And no one can argue that of all the many snack options kids and adults love, the classic ensaimada is still a popular choice today.  However, not all ensaimadas are created equal.

There’s the usual ensaimada and then, there’s the Red Ribbon Ensaimada.  Red Ribbon’s staple pastry has long been a mainstay in our lunchboxes for the young and the young-at-heart.  Whether it’s enjoyed as a snack or as a dessert, people cannot resist this all-time pastry favorite.

Now, Red Ribbon has just succeeded in making something already so good, so much better.  The new Red Ribbon Ensaimada is now bigger and bursts with cheesy goodness that no one can resist.

Red Ribbon’s Ensaimada still packs the same goodness Pinoys have always expected and come to love. It still has that same soft, melt-in-your-mouth pastry, well-balanced sweetness and the right cheesy goodness that is so affordably priced at P25.00 only. 

“We are always thinking of ways to improve our offerings in response to what our customers want,” said Ned Bandojo, Head of Marketing of Red Ribbon. “The cheesy ensaimada promises to deliver what our customers have long come to expect from us and more.  We want to give them more reasons to enjoy the company of family and friends and to make every day moments more special through our quality products.”

With Red Ribbon’s bigger ensaimada, snack time is sure to be more enjoyable, memorable and delicious.

Red Ribbon’s Ensaimadas are available in all Red Ribbon stores nationwide.

Knowledge Channel and Fatty Brain Toys - Partnersn in making learning more fun and interactive for Filipino children

Passionate in making learning more fun and interactive for Filipino children, Knowledge Channel along with Fatty Brain Toys will join SKY Cable Corporation in celebrating its 25th year of service in the Philippines. The first ever cable fair catering to Filipino families, the silver anniversary is tagged as ‘SKY Alive’ and will host all the networks under SKY on March 12 and 13 at the SMX Convention Center. 

 “'SKY Alive!’ is an innovative way to really bring the world closer to Filipino homes and it echoes SKY and ABS-CBN’s same vision to constantly be in the service of the Filipino people.” said March S. Ventosa, Chief Operating Officer of Sky Cable Corporation.

The only all-educational TV channel in the country with localized content simulcast nationwide, Knowledge Channel not only provides DepEd-curriculum based video episodes for the different subjects and grade levels in K to 10 to supplement public education, but also online instructional games, professional teacher trainings and other interactive forms of learning for mature audiences and out-of-school students.  

Knowing that progressive education would open up a world of opportunities to underprivileged Filipino learners, Rina Lopez-Bautista co-founded Knowledge Channel 16 years ago to empower public schools with DepEd-aligned educational media and technologies that help improve learning. 

“The foundation has been tirelessly finding ways to innovate to help improve the quality of learning in public schools across the country for 16 years through media and technology. This year, I’m studying learning technologies abroad and I’m coming up of ways to translate everything that I’ve learned into projects that would make the educational system more progressive,” Rina Lopez-Bautista said.

“I’m after a more holistic approach, so I’m exploring all kinds of mediums, not only technology. We are so excited to partner with Fatty Brain Toys and incorporate our depth of experience in education and Philippine media into the toy industry,” she added.

Mona Ng, founder and general manager of Fatty Brain Toys, the internationally acclaimed award-winning educational toy company in the Philippines, believes that partnering with Knowledge Channel will help them educate more Filipinos about the power of play in education.

It’s a great honor to partner with Knowledge Channel. Together, we can provide Filipino children an array of learning resources that are proven to improve the cognitive development of kids. Fatty Brain Toys strongly believes that Knowledge Channel can help us reach more kids, schools and families in the Philippines looking for a more fun, creative and interactive forms of learning,” Miss Ng said.

Promising the holistic development of a child through free play, the Fatty Brain Toys collection is designed to develop the intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of kids. Their toys, which have been scientifically proven to be effective ways to make kids smarter, have received several awards from the Educational Toys industry, Doctors, Amazon and Science and Parenting magazines, including
Great American Toy Test Educational Toys (2002 and 2003), Gold Star Award Toys (2003), and Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children Products.

The two progressive education advocates will be engaging the kids in an interactive play session on the event this weekend, Saturday. You may
also catch them in the Knowledge Channel booth.


About Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc.

A non-stock, non-profit organization that dreams of a world where everyone has access to quality education, Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. (KCFI) provides educational resources across the Philippines through Knowledge Channel (K Channel) and kchonline.ph. The first and only multimedia education platform focused on the Philippines’ basic education curriculum, KCFI follows the Department of Education curriculum as guide, as it brings Early Childhood Development, K to 12, and Alternative Learning subjects and concepts to life on TV, the Internet and video on-demand in the classrooms, learning centers, and homes.

5/F Benpres Building, Exchange Road,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1600
T: (632) 9103181 to 84 (Loc. 109)
F: (632) 9103187


About Fatty Brain Toys, Inc.

Fatty Brain Toys, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Learning Resources, Educational Insights, Mighty Mind and Blue Orange Games educational toys in the Philippines. The company’s mission is to provide quality educational toys that not only stimulate the brain but also provide enjoyment and interaction. Offering a great variety of first class educational toys that promote a child’s intellectual, emotional and physical development, Fatty Brain Toys roster of products have garnered various awards abroad for enticing children to think outside of the box, and learn in a fun way.


3rd Floor PHESCO bldg. 491-495 Quezon Ave. Quezon City
T:  9756834  or 09178820130
E:   fattybraintoys@yahoo.com