The Perfect Playlist During Childbirth - Find It In Spotify

Everyone enjoys music whenever and wherever they are – including the delivery room. Birthing playlists are now a key component of many expectant parents’ birth plans; there are over 90,000 “Push Playlists” on Spotify and renowned New York OB-GYN Dr. Jacques Moritz reports that 70% of his patients prepare playlists specifically for going into labor. 

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Spotify has partnered with Dr. Moritz to create an ideal Birthing Playlist that is scientifically designed (and delivery room tested and approved) to accompany women through childbirth. The playlist mirrors the birthing experience, starting with songs that are slow and mellow, then transitioning into songs with a stronger beat for when it’s time to push, and concluding with Bach’s ‘Unaccompanied Cello Suite #1’ performed by the legendary Yo-Yo Ma for the moment women first meet their newborns.

“Music strongly influences our central nervous system’s limbic system which manages our memories, emotions, and how we deal with fear and pain,” Dr. Moritz explained. “It makes sense that women would turn to music during childbirth as a source of comfort and strength. In addition, hospitals, particularly delivery rooms, can be noisy and disconcerting – a good playlist helps distract mothers from these sounds and better manage fear and pain, leading to a more positive delivery experience.”

For those who want to forgo Dr. Moritz’s playlist and create their own, Dr. Moritz recommends the following tips: 

·         Comforting and Familiar: Music listened to while giving birth should be comforting and familiar (not to be confused with relaxing) in order to put expectant mothers at ease. The delivery room is not the pace to experiment with a new musician or genre, but a place to return to old and familiar favorites. Dr. Moritz in particular recommends women select favorite songs from their adolescence, which our minds remember over many years like a warm, worn sweater for the soul. 

·         Strong Instrumentals: Songs for labor and pushing should emphasize instrumentals, which the mind intuitively processes. Music with lyrics, on the other hand, can be distracting. If you absolutely want songs with lyrics, selecting ones with lyrics in a language you don’t understand can have the same effect as listening to an instrumental. 

·         Length and Variety: While labor time varies, expectant mothers should create long playlists with a wide variety of artists. Dr. Moritz recommends at minimum five hours of music, then ten hours ideal especially for first time moms.

·         Beautiful: Last but certainly not least, songs for the delivery playlist should be beautiful and make a woman feel beautiful. The moment a child is born is highly emotional and memorable and the music you recall from that day should maintain that sense of beauty and emotion. Research has also shown that songs the fetus hears in the womb can be remembered, so make those memories beautiful too.

Dr. Moritz’ birthing playlist can be found below:

1.    Pearl Jam - Just Breathe
2.    James Bay - Let It Go
3.    Regina Spektor - Don’t Leave Me
4.    Sigur Rós - Festival
5.    Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
6.    The Lumineers - Ho Hey
7.    Norah Jones - Sunrise
8.    Craft Spells - After the Moment
9.    Xavier Rudd - Follow the Sun
10.    Lucinda Williams - Fruits of My Labor
11.    John Lennon - Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
12.    Colbie Caillat - Capri
13.    D’Angelo - Really Love
14.    Milton Nascimento - Nos Bailes Da Vida
15.    Coldplay - Don’t Panic
16.    Fleet Foxes - Your Protector
17.    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
18.    Kygo Maty Noyes - Stay
19.    P!nk - Try
20.    Muse - Starlight
21.    John Legend - All of Me - Tiesto’s Birthday Remix
22.    David Bowie, Queen - Under Pressure
23.    U2 - With or Without You
24.    Wilco - Impossible Germany
25.    Arcade Fire - Wake Up
26.    R.E.M. - Nightswimming
27.    Patty Griffin - Heavenly Day
28.    Iron & Wine - Naked As We Came
29.    Beyoncé - Blue
30.    Johann Sebastian Bach, Yo-Yo Ma - Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1

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Paperless Clinical Transactions Via EMR Technology Started By Aster Clinic

Just months after it officially launched its Philippine operations, the Aster Medical and Diagnostics Clinic, owned by Aster DM Healthcare, is revolutionizing how medical services is being offered in the country through the introduction of the electronic medical records (EMR) as part of the value-add to its services. All transactions are paperless, from the moment patients sign in at the reception up to their consultations with the doctor, or different doctors at the clinic.

The goal of EMR is to provide a centralized database that will allow Aster DM Healthcare’s network a seamless delivery of care to its patients. Through the EMR technology, patients are unburdened of the inconvenience of repeating the basic information and details of their concerns over and over again. Their records are inputted in the clinic’s records and will be updated every time they visit or consultations are made, which the doctors in our network can easily refer to for background information. 

Joyce Alumno, president & country manager, Aster DM Healthcare – Philippines stressed that this technology lessens the room for error. With everything documented in one system, patients no longer need to recall past tests or results giving our doctors more accurate background information about their patients. This also eliminates the unnecessary stress of waiting for feedback or doctor’s orders for the reference of the billing section.

“This technology streamlines the flow of information across our network. Check-ups, as it is, is already stressful and in Aster, we are committed to delivering our promise of treating patients well. From the moment they are welcomed in our reception area and all throughout the process, we want to make it as convenient and stress-free as we possibly can,” Alumno said.

The EMR technology is one of the standard services in Aster’s network and is proud to bring this technology to the Philippines, which is their first operation in the whole Southeast Asian region.

“We are proud to pioneer this technology in the Philippines. One at a time, we are bringing in systems and technologies that help transform how we do our medical services today,” she highlighted.

“What started as a way of giving back to the Filipino community paved the way for an opportunity to see what is missing and where we can provide help in an organized manner. Setting up clinics and hospitals is something that we have been doing in the past 28 years across the GCC region, Middle East, and India, and we are hoping to do the same in the Philippines,” Alumno said.

Aster DM Healthcare is one of the largest healthcare conglomerates in the Gulf Region, Middle East, and India. Founded by Dr. Azad Moopen, the Dubai-based healthcare conglomerate is committed in delivering quality and affordable healthcare in the countries where it is present. It first made it presence in the Philippines through its non-profit arm, Dr. Moopen’s (DM) Foundation, when it launched its “Save the Little Hearts” program that granted surgeries to children with congenital heart defects.  

Aster DM Healthcare, the Dubai-headquartered healthcare conglomerate now operates a network of more than 290 establishments covering an array of healthcare verticals – from hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, diagnostics and specialty centers, healthcare consultancy service, academics & research to a medical college and an advanced medical city.

For more information about Aster DM Healthcare and DM Foundation, visit and, respectively, or call 53ASTER (27837).