Bloggers' Event You Shouldn't Miss - Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2015 #GV2015
On January 24-25, 2014, Global Voices which is an international team of social media experts and analysts will be bringing their much attended annual summits in the Philippines in the flourishing City of Cebu. Participants from over 70 countries are expected to attend this event. A gathering of concerned citizens who are brave, intelligent and pursuant to matters in the community which we all need to be involved with.

Global Voices Citizen Media Summit‘s program promises to enlighten the attendees “with the open Internet, online civic movements and human rights in the digital age.” It will be a two-day event which will be composed of “interactive sessions” and “face-to-face” discussions dealing with the challenges and threats against bloggers and digital activists.

See full article here for more details about the summit and a chance to get a ticket to the summit (Cebu and Non-Cebu Residents)