ZAP – Get Money Points In A Zap!

Christmas is approaching and so much spending is on its way! And how do we benefit from all these spending? Easy. Get cash backs whenever you pay.

Be Wise With Your Money

ZAP is a cash back mobile application where you get reward points whenever you purchase from their partner merchants and currently they have hundreds. Unlike other cash back or rewards program which focus only on a specific kinds of product or service, ZAP has partners on almost all categories : Food, Restaurants, Electronics, Clothing, Fashion, Health and even Hotels! You can get up to 20% reward points from your transactions which will translate to a huge cash back. PLUS Zap also gives out coupons (we love coupons) which you may claim on ZAP’s partner establishments in addition to your reward points.

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You can also register your mobile number for a free ZAP account here.