Disney On Ice 2014 – Dare To Dream

TweenselMom reviews her latest experience from Disney On Ice 2014 - Dare To Dream

Here's a part of her review:

The Princesses

Princess Tiana of The Princess and the Frog
The highlight of their segment is the group dance on the bar. Their costumes were avantIf you have watched The Princess and the Frog, this animated film is filled with music and dance as Tiana dreams on having her own restaurant but found her true love Prince Naveen at the same time. She kissed the Frog Prince and then turned out to be a frog herself.

Snow White
You will enjoy seeing the 7 Dwarves (who are bigger than Snow White in the ice ) :-) and their funny antics. Snow White’s costume is very pretty and her prince looks very dashing and handsome.


Who doesn’t love Cinderella! They showed the original story with the stepmother and ugly step sisters. What we loved the most is her arrival on the Prince Party, the Sparkling Chariot and the majestic horses!