Krispy Kreme – 10 Reasons Why It’s Mom's Favorite Donut Stop

Here's a Mommy Blogger's post about Krispy Kreme and it's their favorite mall stop.

There can be hundreds of things why Krispy Kreme is our favorite doughnut stop wherever we are (usually in malls). And we’ve been in different outlets since my daughters were toddlers. I thought to list just the quick 10.

 Krispy Kreme Christday Holiday donuts!

1. The kids love the donuts. — The decision makers when it comes to sweet treats, the kids. All-time faves are the candy-sprinkled and the choco-bavarian.

2. We love the coffee. – For mommy and daddy, the perfect pairs will be a mug of coffee latte plus an original-glazed doughnut.

3. Their donuts look amazing. – Whichever you choose, you can’t just eat it right away. Krispy Kreme donuts always deserve a selfie
4. Their donut designs change with the seasons.  – Krispy Kreme always has the fanciest season-themed donuts. Nobody can beat that.

5.  They usually have wifi on their branches. – Yes, the most important thing of all especially on those bad weather when we don’t have internet connections.

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