Enjoy Lemonade in A Bottle With Sunkist Lemonade Carbonated Juice Drink

Sunkist Carbonated Juice (CJ) Drink continues to bring in Sunkist Saya  this year by launching its Lemonade variant in a convenient 330mL afford-saya bottle! For as low as P15, you can enjoy its refreshing taste anytime, anywhere. Sunkist CJ Lemonade, together with Sunkist CJ Apple and Orange, are now available in leading convenience stores and supermarkets.


About Sunkist CJ (Carbonated Juice) Drink

SUNKIST CJ is a carbonated juice drink that offers full-flavored, real fruit taste that everybody can enjoy anytime, anywhere. It has real juice and immunity booster vitamin D, and it comes in three flavors - Orange, Lemonade, and Apple. The product also bears the Sunkist name - a brand which started more than a hundred years ago in the US, and has built a strong heritage when it comes to producing high quality oranges and juice.