Help Your Child Adapt To K-12

Do you know what's involved in the current K-12 program?

The education program includes mandatory preschool education for five-year old children before entering the 6-year elementary school as well as going through additional 2 years in the  high school or secondary education. Aside from this new structure, the medium of instruction from kindergarten to Grade 3 will now be mother tongue-based. This means that the K to 12 student will be taught the core learning areas using his first language.

The National Achievement Test (popularly known as NAT) will still be administered as an end-of-grade 6 assessment but this time  will serve both as an exit examination from elementary  and entrance examination for Grade 7. Grade 10 students will also go through an assessment to qualify for senior high school and their chosen track.  The end of Grade 12 examination will not only be the end of K to 12 exam but also serve as entrance exam for university.

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How can you help your child transition smoothly and adapt to K-12 without feeling stressed?

Your Tutorial Center (YTC) can help you. This summer, YTC will be offering  bridging programs focusing on developing and strengthening the coping skills  of kindergarten until grade 10 students – in order to smoothly transition from the old to the new curriculum.

Check or call (number) for more information on Summer K-12 Bridging Programs.