Pasig City Nurture Geist Preschool - A Waldorf Inspired School For Kids

Are you located somewhere in Pasig and currently looking looking for a child's preschool for your young ones?

Nurture Geist School in Brixton Street, Barangay Kapitolyo Pasig City publishes the school as a Waldorf-inspired pre-school. We've Googled the meaning of Waldorf schools and saw this:

Waldorf schools are non-sectarian and non-denominational. They educate all children, regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds. The pedagogical method is comprehensive, and, as part of its task, seeks to bring about recognition and understanding of all the world cultures and religions.

Nurture Geist says these about their school:

"Nurture Geist School fosters creative and critical thinking. Our goal is to enable children to think on their own and to define their own purpose and path to contribute to society in the future.
Everything in the school was carefully chosen to enable the individual development of our students. Upon entering our door, you will immediately see a rope ladder on the wall, you will see a frame of rope obstacle and a wide space for running, crawling, rolling on the floor and all the physical activities children enjoy.
The classrooms have blank walls, tables and chairs, a shelf to keep the toys and a storytelling table. The toys in the rooms are made from natural materials: wood, cloth, shells. No plastic. Nothing that beeps, rings and shakes without effort from the children. They play with the toys every day and every day they have new ideas on how to play with them.
 Snack time is a special time. Everyone enjoys the same food. They practice how to be independent at mealtimes. We share fresh fruits or boiled kamote, saba and corn, or bread, pastries or soup and veggies. Nothing too starchy or too sweet.
We introduce concepts through songs and movements, through stories, through crafts, baking, arts, cooking and outdoor activities, and through first-hand experiences. Every week we either go to the park, the zoo, garden, museum, watch a play, prepare a meal for other children, visit a bakeshop or the fire station, learn to swim, plant a tree and anything that children need to see to have a better understanding of the things around them.
The best part of our day is when we get a big hug from each student at the end of class. It is fulfilling for us to teach without seemingly teaching, the children enjoy while they explore and try, and we get to do it again the following day!"
With the photos of the active children, they seem to be having fun. Why not have some time visit the school and check if they will work perfect for your preschooler?