Expo Mom 2015: #MomManifesto

Mommy Mundo takes moms on a mission that's totally possible! More often than not, moms are on auto-pilot as they go about their daily routine. Prepare breakfast for the kids, check! Pay household bills, check! Arrange birthday party for youngest, check! Help eldest finish his homework, check! Take a minute for some reflection, hmmm, maybe later!  

So this mother’s month of May, Mommy Mundo encourages moms to go on a journey of mindfulness and self-discovery through EXPO MOM 2015: #MOMMANIFESTO happening on May 22-25 at the Glorietta 2, Palm Drive, Makati City. Now on its 8th year, Expo Mom is the biggest gathering of progressive, active moms showcasing the latest in family-oriented product innovations and parenting trends in a fun, fulfilling environment.   

Check out Mommy Mundo for more details about this activity!