Give Your Moms The Absolute Surprise This Mother's Day

The moment a woman becomes a mother, she makes a decision to enter a life-long commitment to providing her family with unconditional and pure love regardless of all the sacrifices it might entail. From sacrificing time, care, and distance, mothers will always do what it takes to make sure their families get only the best. This Mother’s Day, Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water recognized three well-deserving moms coming from different walks of life who have been dedicating their entire lives to make sure their families live great ones.

Relive the Absolute Surprise of moms Marissa Galvez, Nancy Fernandez, and Sherry Macapagal here. Give your mom her own surprise as well by posting your photos and messages on Facebook, explaining why she is the most selfless woman in your life using the hashtag #MomsAbsoluteSacrifice and #SelflessMom.
Celebrate your #MomsAbsoluteSacrifice this Mothers Day and everyday only with Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water.

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