Unique Online Finds at "Passionfly Bazaar," opens Sept. 19 at Dusit Thani Hotel

Unique Online Finds at "Passionfly Bazaar,"  opens Sept. 19 at Dusit Thani Hotel

Experience the best shopping deals in "Passionfly", opening on Sept. 19 at Dusit Thani Hotel.

"Passionfly" is not your typical holiday bazaar. The unique shopping festival features the trendiest online retail outlets.  On sale are unique products curated by online entrepreneurs, celebrities and bloggers.

Organized by Karl Edward International, "Passionfly" addresses the discriminating taste of today's shoppers and buyers.  "We have been organizing bazaars for 15 years," shares Karl Edward International President Florian Enriquez,  " and we have seen the changing retail landscape. Because everything is on the internet, shoppers go for items that are very unique but budget-friendly. Online store are very successful because you buy straight from the manufacturer or the licensed seller. For a more exciting Christmas shopping experience we invited the top online sellers to participate in "Passionfly," she said. 

"Passionfly" will showcase remarkable product made by start-up companies, creative leaders and entrepreneurs all across Manila.  Ms. Enriquez  added that some of today's top establishments started out  as exhibitors in Karl Edward bazaars. "I always advise young entrepreneurs to test their products by joining  bazaars. This could pave their road to success, " she said.
"Passionfly "definitely spells the best in food, fashion and style.  Along with the unique brands are workshops, fun activities and even guest appearances by  fashion and lifestyle personalities. Social media enthusiasts can also catch ongoing Food Photography workshop, where they can learn to take excellent photos for their blogs/.

The long list of exhibitors include Paburitto, Baguettino, The Coffee Cart, The Secret Sneaker Shop, Outkast Paradigm., Curve Couture, and many others.
Do your Christmas Shopping at "Passionfly"  Sept. 19,  from 10am to 6pm, also on Oct. 17 and 18, Nov. 8 and Dec.20 at the Mayuree Ballroom Dusit Thani Manila.