Readers Digest Hailed SM With Trusted Brands' Platinum Award

The recent Trusted Brands survey commissioned by Reader’s Digest, one of the world’s longest running print publication, proved that Filipinos have added the element of trust to their purchase decisions. The survey results reveal how consumers put their money on brands that they feel has virtues that go beyond price, market trends and promotions.

(L-R) Bien Mateo - Vice–President for Operations, Northern Luzon; Annie Garcia - President of SM Supermalls,; Jonjon San Agustin - Senior Vice-President for Marketing of SM Supermalls.

(L-R) Jonjon San Agustin- Senior Vice-President for Marketing of SM Supermalls; Walter Beyleveldt -Publisher and Managing Editor of Reader’s Digest Asia Pacific  and Annie Garcia - President of SM Supermalls.

Reader’s Digest Asia Pacific Publisher and Managing Editor Walter Beyleveldt believes that a brand has to stay relevant and worthy enough for consumers to associate themselves with.

“A brand can’t just become a brand through media. It also needs to deliver on the qualities that make a brand great,” said Beyleveldt. “You have to deliver on innovation and trustworthiness.”

Beyleveldt further explained that having the seal of a trusted brand somehow helps the consumers make decisions when making purchases or availing themselves of services. It gives them reassurance that they are making the right decision, knowing that other Filipino consumers trust the same brand.

Trusted brands are those that get consumers talking, passing on the information about the good things they find in brands by word of mouth and now, by social media. Social media can make or break a brand, depending on how trustworthy the brand is. Brands that have established strong relationships with all stakeholders are the ones that get a boost from social media.

One of the recipients of this year’s platinum award, SM Supermalls, typifies how a brand that remains in the consumer’s subconscious based on certain traits that translate into brand trust. Based on the Trusted Brands’ open-ended survey, SM excelled in its category based on the following attributes: trustworthiness & credibility, quality, value, understanding of consumer needs, innovation, and social responsibility.

The SM mall brand has been operating for 30 years now, constantly making innovations and improvements based on customer feedback, behavior and demands.