I-SHINE Talent Camp Helps Parents Nurture Their Child’s Gifts To Excellence

For parents, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing their child succeed. We all know the important role parents play in helping their child reach their highest potential. But did you know that there is a perfect time for parents to be present in helping unlock their child’s talents and passions?

“The crucial window of talent development presents itself only at a child’s critical age of learning, which happens during a child’s 1st 6 years of life. This is the optimum time for parents to help their child stimulate his or her brain to pave way for better development. Aside from proper nutrition and a stimulating environment, parental support is imperative at this stage,” shares Dr. Joselyn Eusebio, a developmental-behavioral pediatrician.

Further emphasizing the importance of parents’ role at this particular learning phase, Didi Manahan M.S. Ed., expert in early childhood and elementary education, and the directress and founding partner at Keys School Manila and Explorations Preschool says, “A child can grow or develop a talent through possessing life skills, and acquiring this set of skills entails thorough guidance and strong support from parents and teachers. It is vital that parents respond to their child’s areas of interest, strength and need, to ensure the child’s success.”

Having been the parents’ trusted partner for more than twenty years, PROMIL PRE-SCHOOL aids parents in helping their children achieve their potential by providing them with the unique combination of brain & body building nutrients which help support learning during the crucial window of talent development, and by creating avenues like I-SHINE that help parents hone their child’s talents to their maximum potential.

Now on its fifth year, I-SHINE Talent Camp continues to enable parents to develop, celebrate, and support their child’s talents, while inspiring other parents to do the same.

Open to kids above three years old, I-SHINE Talent Camp 5 has three camps – Stage Camp, which includes both singing and dancing, Music Camp, and Art Camp.

The children are given the opportunity to work with high caliber mentors who are meant to draw out each of their talents and enable them to reach their full potential. Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy and Rico Blank team up to coach the Stage Camp, Mr. Ryan Cayabyab shares his mastery of music to the Music Camp, while Robert Alejandro uses his artistic vision to mentor the Art Camp.

I-SHINE Season 5 is bigger and better, allowing the participants more opportunities to celebrate, develop, and showcase their exceptional talent, helping them become their best.

PROMIL PRE-SCHOOL’s I-SHINE Talent Camp 5 is now accepting entries from kids all over the nation. For more information, visit www.ishine.com.ph.