Kohler Veil : Ultimate Bathroom Comfort

Kohler announces its new Veil integrated toilet which exemplifies the perfect balance of art and technology. Sleek, contemporary and refined, it combines state-of-the-art automated innovations and sophisticated curves to provide ultimate comfort, unparalleled hygiene, smart toilet functionality, and space saving features.

Full menu of cleansing features in Kohler Veil's remote control

Kohler Veil bidet with 78 fine nozzles and self-cleansing features

Brilliant flushing technology, Best hands-free hygiene

The Veil conveniently integrates a full menu of cleansing features into one luxe unit easily operated with a one-touch control. Using the remote control that is designed to comfortably fit into one hand, the user can direct its functions such as adjusting the water temperature, nozzle position and function type and flush control.

The Veil is equipped with an exceptional flushing system featuring a rimless bowl, dual jets, and powerful water flow that cleans the bowl completely and provides great water savings. The front wash cleanses gently with air-infused water, using 78 fine nozzles. Users can also choose from the pulsating wash and spiral spray wash based on their needs.

Sterilized water cleans the bidet wand after each wash and UV light sanitizes it every 24 hours. Lastly, the warm air drying and automatic deodorizer maintains cleanliness of the bathroom and the Veil.  

The Kohler Veil French curve seat_resized

The Kohler Veil French curve seat_resized

Thoughtful design, powerful performance

With its refined curves and stunning form, Veil is a state-of-the-art toilet system sculpted for users’ ultimate comfort. Inspired by minimalist architecture, its sophisticated design offers ergonomic features and technological improvements that enhance cleanliness and provide seamless convenience.
A sensor automatically opens and closes the seat cover as users approach and move away from the toilet. Everyone can sit in comfort with its laboratory-tested ergonomic French Curve seat. Additionally, the seat is made with antibacterial material for improved hygiene. The Veil's rimless bowl design makes it easier to clean, ensuring an elevated hygiene level.

For a cleaner look, the Veil also comes in a wall-mounted model that saves space without compromising its function. It has three designs that users can choose from based on their needs. The Veil toilet’s silhouette complements the toilet’s full range of innovations, plus it elevates the ambience of any space and inspires a new vision of functional form.