McDonald’s launches online apology Mother’s Day campaign

Sorry po. #LoveKitaMa.

Everybody loves a sincere apology followed by a declaration of love. What more if it’s public? This Mother’s Day, netizens are sharing their love for mom with McDonald’s Philippines #LoveKitaMa online greeting cards.

Amid a variety of sentimental tribute videos to moms this Mother’s Day, McDonald’s Philippines chose a different path with the #LoveKitaMa online campaign.  It deftly combines humor and guilt in the context of relatable online or social media habits to create special cards that make netizens realize how much their mothers really mean to them.

Did it take you months to accept your mom’s Facebook invite? Ever hidden your mom’s comments on your photos? Changed your relationships status online before you informed her? Through McDonald’s, you can let her know that she’s worth more than any ‘like’ or ‘heart’ emoji. Choose your card, share it online, and don’t be afraid to cap it off with a proud #LoveKitaMa.

“Each of us has a unique relationship with our mom. This Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate that beauty and uniqueness of a mother and child relationship with relatable day-to-day scenarios written on our #LoveKitaMa social greeting cards,” says Christina Lao, McDonald’s Philippines Marketing Director. “Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate personally and it would be nice if Filipinos can document this moment online together with their chosen McDonald’s #LoveKitaMa greeting card.”

Netizens are responding in droves, generating their own personal declarations of love for their mothers. Check out some of the heartwarming responses below: 
The full set of #LoveKitaMa greeting cards on the McDo page have been eliciting more love and laughter this season. You can view them and even share your photos with your mom on or tag @mcdo_ph on Twitter or Instagram.