Prepare for life’s unexpected setbacks using your smartphone

There’s no denying how technology and gadgets have made our lives easier in ways never before possible. Who would’ve thought that through an app on your smartphone, you can now hail a ride, get in touch with someone across the sea, buy movie tickets, or even buy insurance online?

Now, you can even plan for your financial future using your smartphone. AXA Philippines, recently introduced its Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) platform as part of its promise to empower customers to live the life they choose by helping them create a solid financial game plan. Through the FNA—whether taken via the AXA website or the MyAXA app (available in the Apple App Store)—you can now learn more about the various steps to take today in order to gain financial security down the road. All it takes is five minutes online!

For a more in-depth analysis of your financial needs, a full version may also be taken with the assistance of an AXA financial coach. Just fill out the online form at to get in touch with a representative from AXA.

From the data gathered, your AXA financial coach can explain in easy terms why life protection is important. He can then help you plot the proper path to take by giving you a clear picture of your current financial situation and where you want to be. Armed with an appropriate financial plan powered by AXA, you can be on your way towards living the life you choose, whether that’s starting your own business, raising a family, owning your first house or car, or even going on trips abroad!

To get started on creating your winning gameplan in life, download the MyAXA app, visit, or contact an AXA financial coach today.